Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Edge Guide


Rip Cut Edge Guide System: A Rip Cut Edge Guide is a type of edge guide which allows the user to cut through two pieces of wood at the same time without cutting into them. The advantage of using a rip cut edge guide system over other types of edges are its ease of use and durability.

The rip cut edge guide system is one of the most popular types of edge guides used today. They have been around since the early 1900’s and they are still being manufactured today.

There are many different brands and models available, but all of them share some common features. These include:

A rip cut edge guide will allow you to make straight cuts between two pieces of wood with little effort or wasted material.

They are easy to install and remove. You simply push down on the guide while turning it clockwise.

When you turn it counterclockwise, the blade will cut along the opposite side of your workpiece.

There are no sharp edges when using a rip cut edge guide system because there is not enough material between each piece of wood to create any sharp points.

They are easy to calibrate and re-calibrate for different sized materials.

The most common complaint with rip cut edge guides is the amount of play that is allowed along the casing. This allows the guide to move around while being used and can cause your cuts to become inaccurate.

To combat this problem, you can use a combination square to double check the guide before each cut. Also, you can use sandpaper to smooth out the corners of the guide for less play.

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They can be found at most hardware stores or online for under $20.

Kreg Rip-Cut: This product is from one of the most reputable companies that specialize in this type of tool. Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide Product Description:

The Kreg Rip-Cut is an aluminum extrusion with a T-slot and a thumbscrew. When the tool is assembled, the T-slot allows the tool to be attached to your saw’s radial arm.

The thumbscrew locks the extrusion to your saw for most efficient use.

The advantage of this product is that it attaches directly to your saw, which means that it will not spin or move around while you are using it.

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