Kobalt 24V Max XTR Circular Saw Review | KXCS 124B-03

Kobalt 24V Max XTR Circular Saw Review | KXCS 124B-03

The first thing that one notices when looking at the Kobalt 24V Max XTR Circular Saw Review | KXCS 124B-03 is its size. Its dimensions are approximately 14 inches (36 cm) long x 9 1/2 inches (23 cm) wide x 7 3/4 inches (19 cm). It weighs 2 pounds (0.9 kg), which makes it heavier than most other circular saws available today.

However, this weight is well balanced with the large blade that is 12 inches (30 cm) long and 4 1/8 inches (11 cm) wide. The blade’s sharpness and cutting power make it suitable for general woodworking tasks such as trimming, splitting, sanding and finishing work.

The blade is made from high carbon steel and has a hardness rating of 58 HRC (hardness grade HRC). This means that it can take a good beating without breaking. The handle features a black oxide finish and is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand comfortably.

A locking mechanism keeps the blade securely closed during use. The teeth have been hardened to produce maximum cutting power.

The saw’s motor is powerful and has a No Load Speed of 5,500 RPM. The brand of the motor is Ryobi-Alchem which is an industry leader in manufacturing power tools. It is able to deliver a constant torque under load and has a Soft Start feature.

This prevents the tool from jerking abruptly when you first turn it on and allows the saw to accelerate gradually. This provides smoother operation and reduces the chance of the blade binding and stalling.

A dust blower attachment is included which helps keep your line of sight clear when cutting as well as directing the dust and debris away from your workpiece. The KXCS 24V also comes with a built-in LED light which illuminates the area for better visibility during those late night projects. The KXCS 24V’s handle also houses a handy level.

This is great for ensuring that you cut your wood at a precise angle for proper and safe operation.

The circular saw’s weight and balance make it easy to maneuver and it feels comfortable in your hand. Dust blower, level, bright LED, and Soft-start are all nice additions. The only major drawback is that this model is a little on the noisy side.

This circular saw does not come with a battery or a charger. It must be purchased separately. There are 3 battery options available:

The Kobalt 24V Max 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (KCBL1.5) provides up to 70 minutes of run time and has a quick charge time of 35 minutes.

The Kobalt 24V 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (KCBL3) provides up to 150 minutes of run time and has a quick charge time of one hour.

Kobalt 24V Max XTR Circular Saw Review | KXCS 124B-03 | realmanguide.net

The Kobalt Professional Grade Combo Kit (KCKT24) comes with the 24V Max 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (KCBL4) and a charger.

As with all power tools, proper maintenance will increase the longevity of this saw and its battery. Make sure to clean off any debris or wood chips that may get inside after use. The tool’s battery should also be cleaned and reapplied with a thin coating of lithium grease to prevent corrosion caused by moisture.

This tool is covered by a 3-year limited warranty. For additional specifics please see the owner’s manual.

The KXCS 24V may not have all the bells and whistles of some other saws on the market but that’s part of its charm. It’s a powerful, well-balanced tool that will provide many years of service and is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. It’s a great buy for any carpenter, hobbyist or home handyman.


Electric brake for maximum productivity

Soft start prevents jerking at start up

LED light for increased visibility


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