Knaack Field Station 119-02 Jobsite Box

Knaack Field Station 119-02 Jobsite Box

Location: Knaack, New Jersey, United States

The location of Knaack Field Station 119-02 is located at Knaack, New Jersey. The site was originally known as “Knockout” until it changed its name to reflect the fact that it’s a place where you can get jobs if you are knocked out unconscious. The location is not far from Newark Airport (EWR). There are two buildings that make up the facility. One building houses a large cafeteria area with tables and chairs.

A small kitchen is located in another part of the building. The other building contains a warehouse where most of the equipment used for construction work is stored.

In addition to the food service, there are several offices and cubicles for employees to use during their shifts. Most of these cubicles have doors which open into hallways or rooms connected by passageways. Some of these passageways lead outside onto fields and parking lots.

There are several trailers parked near the building, each one housing a different type of vehicle. These vehicles include forklifts, dump trucks, bulldozers, excavators and more. Several vans sit next to them; they’re usually filled with workers who travel between the various sites around the city while working on projects such as road repairs or repairing sewer lines. Large metal sheds store tools, power equipment, and other items used for maintenance jobs around the city.

The parking lot has enough space for almost 100 vehicles and is usually filled with a variety of cars, trucks and other types of vehicles. Trucks bring in loads of gravel, sand and stone to be unloaded and stored in one of the large metal sheds. Trucks also bring loads of asphalt to be mixed and then delivered to construction sites around the city.

The parking lots and building are well-lit by powerful overhead lights, bright flood lights on tall metal poles, and large spotlights on wheels that can be moved around as needed. Security cameras are mounted in various locations to monitor activities.

There is a medical office near the cafeteria with first aid supplies, cots, and other medical supplies stored inside. Employees can report to this location if they need medical attention. There is also a small clinic near the front entrance of the building for employees who need more extensive medical care.


The Knaack organization has been involved in construction and manufacturing for over 100 years, starting in 1963 as a small company that made wooden crates for shipping goods. As time went on, Knaack began manufacturing plastic crates and then metal trucks before entering the construction and manufacturing fields. When the company needed a place to store materials and tools, they purchased the current facility in New Jersey.

By 1978, Knaack started building roads and other types of infrastructure. They slowly expanded their construction workforce and bought more equipment over the years. With the invention of self-mixing asphalt, Knaack was able to reduce the number of trucks delivering asphalt to their facility and started building more parking lots for local businesses and shopping centers. They also started manufacturing concrete barriers, light poles, and other items used for road construction and repair.

By the dawn of the new millennium, Knaack had branched out into building private residences, as well. The company needed to hire more employees and purchased several pieces of equipment to keep up with increasing demand.

After surviving two major recessions, Knaack is going strong. While other companies fell by the wayside, Knaack managed to keep going and provide jobs and revenue for the local economy.

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Lucy Knaack: Owner/CEO

Burt Knaack: Husband of Lucy and Head of Security

Lamar: Head of Equipment Maintenance

John: Foreman for road construction team

Gary: Shop Teacher for K-12 schools in area

Anton: Equipment operator


1. No destroying company property (penalties range from fines to immediate termination).

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2. No drinking alcohol on the job.

3. No discussing politics or religion with clients or co-workers.

4. Smoking allowed only in designated areas.

5. Cell phones should be kept on silent mode and not used in restricted areas (penalty is a warning for first offense).

6. Employees should report any safety concerns to their immediate supervisor or the safety manager.

7. Employees are expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week unless otherwise approved by management.

8. All employees must take a lunch break and leave the premises for lunch (penalty is a warning; second offense results in termination).

9. All vehicles must stay in the employee parking lot when not in use.

Employee Guidelines:

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1. All employees will be drug tested before being hired and randomly drug tested while working for Knaack.

2. All employees are required to wear the company uniform: navy blue pants or shirt (men)/skirt or dress (women), with Knaack logo.

3. Any employee caught slacking off, not wearing the proper uniform, or otherwise violating these rules more than twice will be fired.

4. Employees who consistently arrive to work on time will receive a pay increase after 3 months of employment.

5. Idle chatter while working is not allowed.

All employees should be fully engaged in their duties while on the clock.

6. All employees should strive to solve any conflicts they may have with a co-worker internally, via the employee-dispute form located in the break room.

7. All employees should treat all clients with a high level of professionalism.

8. All employees should strive to protect company property by ensuring that materials are not stolen.

Suspicions of theft should be reported immediately to your supervisor or owner for investigation.

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9. Employees should not engage in any unwanted sexual activity with other employees or clients.

If there is an issue or an accusation, report it directly to the owner or supervisor immediately.


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