Klein Tools Voltage Tester ET45

Klein Tools Voltage Tester ET45 Specifications:

Model: ET45

Manufacturer: Klein Tools Inc., New York, NY 10013 USA (USA)

Year of Release: 2005

Type of Device: Voltage Tester

Features & Benefits :

Features & Benefits : The ET45 is a high quality, compact electronic voltmeter with automatic shutoff feature. It features a built-in LED display, which shows current level, voltage level and remaining time. You can set the maximum output voltage from 0 to 15 volts. The ET45 comes with two test leads; one for positive and one for negative connection. It is equipped with a push button switch that allows you to select between continuous or burst operation mode.

When the push button switch is pushed down, it shuts off the device immediately after 10 seconds of no activity. When pushed up, it turns on the device automatically when power supply is connected. It has a battery life of at least 1 year and can operate continuously for up to 30 years.

The ET45 is available in three different colors: black, red and blue. It comes in a sturdy carrying case with a belt clip and a 9V battery.


Red: 0-1.8v; Green: 1.8-3v; Yellow: 3-4.2v; Orange: 4.2-5.6v; Blue: 5.6-6.4v; White: 6.4-7.2v; Purple: 7.2-8.0v;

Klein Tools Voltage Tester ET45 - Picture


Easily determine polarity with built-in LED bar that changes color from purple to white.

Use the push button to set the maximum voltage. The meter automatically shuts off when the maximum is reached.

Push button allows you to select between continuous or burst operation mode.

Special packaging includes a carrying case with belt clip and a battery.

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