Klein Tools Cross-Line Laser Level Review

Klein Tools Green Laser Level Review:

The Klein Tools Green Laser Level Review:

Klein’s Cross-Line Laser Levels are great! They’re easy to use, they have a wide range of settings, and they work well. However, there are some drawbacks.

One drawback is that the cross-line lasers don’t come with any mounting hardware (or at least not anything you could mount them onto your router table). So if you want to use one of these lasers on your router table, you’ll need to buy something like this Bosch laser mount ($40) or this DeWALT laser mount ($30).

Another downside is that the cross-line lasers aren’t very bright. I’ve had problems with my other cross-line lasers being too dim and making it hard to see what I’m doing when using a router. These lights are definitely brighter than those of the Bosch and DeWALT laser mounts, but they’re still not bright enough to see things clearly.

I was really excited to get these lights because I wanted something that would make it easier for me to see what I’m doing while cutting out wood. Unfortunately, the light output isn’t high enough to illuminate large areas of my shop without having a bunch of them placed around my workshop.

Other than that, they’re great! They do exactly what I need them to do, and they have a good range of adjustments. If you’re looking for a light that can be mounted directly onto your router table (or any other machine for that matter), then I’d suggest getting one of the mounts I mentioned above and buy a bright green laser.

One other thing…It is important to note that I haven’t tried these lights on a job yet.

I hope they are bright enough to be seen on a large jobsite. We shall see!

I received these lights at a discount in exchange for an HONEST review of the product. I have tried to be as honest as possible in my review.

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