Klein Spring-Assisted Pocket Knife 44223

Klein Spring-assisted Pocket Knife 44223 – Klein Spring assisted knife is one of the most popular pocket knives in the world. Klein Spring assisted knife is manufactured by Gerber since 1997. It was first introduced in 1998 and it became very popular among outdoorsmen and survivalists.

The name “klein” comes from the German word “Kleinkind”, which means spring. It is not surprising that this tool was designed with a spring-loaded blade opener.

The knife’s design allows the user to easily grasp the knife handle without having to bend over backwards or reaching for your hands. The knife’s handle is made out of a durable plastic material, which makes it resistant to wear and tear.

The knife’s blade opening mechanism is similar to that of the classic Swiss Army Knives. When the blade is opened, a small pin slides into a hole at the bottom of the blade.

This pin pushes against another pin located at the top of the knife’s tang, which then pulls down on a lever inside the handle. This lever pushes down on the spring at the back of the knife handle, which in turn pushes the pin out of its hole and releases the blade, allowing it to swing down into an open position.

This knife is also equipped with a small locking mechanism that holds the blade in place when it is in use. When this locking mechanism is engaged, the blade will not close until the user presses a small button on the side of the knife opposite from where the blade is retracted from.

The knife’s blade is made out of stainless steel and has a drop point shape. This means that the knife has a thick, heavy blade with a sharply angled point, which is good for making fine cuts, while the rest of the blade is thin and sturdy enough for more heavy-duty cutting tasks.

A hole in the knife’s handle makes it possible to easily open the blade with one hand, even when you are wearing gloves or your hands are slippery. The blade’s tang is partially serrated, which means that a portion of the blade’s edge is slightly smaller so that it can easily and cleanly cut through materials that normal edges might have trouble with. The knife’s blade is relatively short at 2.75 inches, which means that it can easily be carried on a belt or in a pocket. The knife also comes with a lanyard hole, so you can wear it around your neck when working in wet or dangerous conditions.

This knife is a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use because the blade is easy to open, but it’s also very durable. If you need a knife that is easy to carry around in a pocket or on your belt, but that can be used for heavy-duty cutting tasks when you need it, then this is a great choice for you.

Due to its lightweight design and one-handed opening mechanism, this knife also makes an excellent addition for your emergency supplies.

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