Klein Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Laser | 93LCLG

Klein 93LCLG Review:

The following are some facts about the 93LCLG laser from the product description:

• High efficiency (93%) • Low power consumption (0.3W) • Long life span (over 10 years) • No moving parts • Full safety certification • Easy to use • Automatic operation • Energy saving design

1. Description of Features:

A high efficiency 92% green laser with a low power consumption 0.3w.

2. How Does it Work? It uses a small laser diode to convert light into electricity, which is then used to run a motor or other device.

The laser beam is focused at the target area where it heats up the material and causes it to melt, causing the desired result.

3. Cost:

Price: $599 USD

4. Pros & Cons:

Klein Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Laser | 93LCLG - Image


• Very simple to operate; no complicated controls. You don’t need any special skills to operate it.

• Low power consumption makes it very energy efficient.


• Requires regular maintenance due to its low power consumption. Maintenance costs will increase if you want to upgrade the laser’s output or make it more powerful than what is available on the market today.

5. How does this product work? The 93LCLG laser level is a self-leveling cross line laser.

This means that it projects both horizontal and vertical lines or cross hairs on two separate targets. As long as the surface is flat, you can project these cross hairs on whatever target you want to, provided the distance between them (vertical and horizontal) stay constant.

6. How much does this product cost?

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