Klein Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Cutter

Klein Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Cutter (11061)

The Klein Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Cutter (11061) is one of the most popular self-adjusting wire strippers available today. It was first introduced in 2008 and it is manufactured by KUKA Corporation, Japan. Its name comes from its ability to adjust itself according to your needs. With the right settings, it will strip even the thickest wires with ease.

It is made up of two parts: a body and a head. The body contains the motor, which drives the blade, and controls how fast it moves across the wire. The head contains a spring loaded cutterhead that grips onto the wire while cutting through it. There are four positions for adjusting how much pressure is applied to cut through each strand of wire; Soft, Medium, Hard and Extra Hard.

A setting called “Auto” automatically adjusts the position of the cutterhead to make sure it cuts all strands of wire equally well.

The Klein 11061 has been designed to work with both copper and aluminum wires. The blades have a very smooth action and they do not leave any sharp edges behind them when cutting through metal or plastic. They are easy to clean too because there is no need for special cleaners like those used for other types of wire strippers. They are very effective in stripping everything from 22-16 AWG solid or stranded wires with a cross section of 0.5-1.3mm2, though it should be noted that it is not ideal for very small diameter wires.

The only disadvantage to the 11061 is its weight; at 1.64kg, this wire stripper is by far the heaviest on the market. This makes it quite tiring if you have to use it for extended periods of time.


Works with both copper and aluminum wires.

Corrosion resistant and extra hardened blades that can be easily cleaned.

Self-adjusting mechanism for ease of use.

Cuts wires ranging from 22-16 AWG with a cross section of 0.5-1.3mm2

Weight: 1.64kg

Klein 11063 (11061VL)

Klein Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper Cutter - realmanguide.net

Klein 11063 is identical to the popular Klein 11061 in all ways except one– the 11063 comes with a vinyl carrying case, while the 11061 does not. This makes the 11063 a much better choice for people who need to carry their wire strippers around a lot because without a case the blades can be damaged if the tool is knocked against a hard surface.

The carrying case can be a mixed blessing though; it makes the tool a lot more expensive and the vinyl cover is prone to getting cracked or even torn if you aren’t extra careful when storing or retrieving the wire stripper. The choice really comes down to how much you move around and whether or not you are prone to lose small items like this.

The following video shows how to use the tool effectively.

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