Klein J2000 Side-Cutting Linemans Pliers Review

Klein Journeyman Diagonal Cutters:

The Klein Journeyman Diagonal Cutter is one of the most popular types of cutters among professionals. They are used for cutting all kinds of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, rubber, leather etc. These scissors have been manufactured since the 1950’s and they continue to be produced today.

They are available in various sizes. The Klein Journeyman Diagonal Cutter comes in two different models, the Journeyman and the Elite. Both models have similar features but there are some differences between them.

The Journeyman model has a longer handle which makes it easier to hold while working with these scissors. The handles of both models are made from hardwood and each has its own unique shape and color pattern. The Journeyman model is made of high quality stainless steel.

The Journeyman cutter is slightly heavier than the Elite cutter.

The Journeyman model has a flat blade which is thicker than the blade of the Elites. While these are good quality cutters, they do not last as long as the Elites. The most common complaint about these cutters is that the screws often come loose and you will need to tighten them.

This is easy to do but it can be annoying. These cutters are designed for right handed people and lefties may not find them very comfortable to use.

The Elites are the most popular model of cutters and considered to be the best made by Klein Tools. They also have hardwood handles and a stainless steel body. The handle is curved and the finger holes are offset which makes them very comfortable to use.

Elite cutters don’t have as much torque so they don’t require as much tightening as the Journeyman cutters do.

These scissors are a more updated version of the traditional Journeyman cutter and they do not have as many parts which may come loose. The most common complaint that people have about these cutters is that they rust easily if they are not cleaned and oiled after each use.

While both models are good quality, the Elites are the best choice for people who need a durable pair of diagonal cutters that will last for many years.

Klein Tools are made in the United States and they come with a lifetime warranty. If you take care of them and don’t use them for prying things you should have no problem with them. It is recommended that you clean and lubricate them after each use to prevent rust.

These cutters are not designed to be used as pliers so you shouldn’t try to use them for that purpose. They are designed specifically for cutting wire and cable and nothing else. If you try to use them as pliers you could damage the cutting edge and that would drastically decrease their value and usefulness to you.

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Don’t try to use them for anything other than cutting.

Don’t try to use the cutter for twisting or prying.

Don’t use the cutter on any harder material such as metal or hard wood.

Don’t drop the cutter on a hard surface as this can damage the tip and make it less effective.

Don’t use the cutter on anything that is alive such as a tree or a person as it could cause serious injury.

Things You’ll Need:

You should have these things before you need them for most jobs. If you don’t have them already then you can get them easily from your local hardware store.

Buy a good pair of diagonal cutting pliers such as the Klein Tools 300-piece. These will last you for many years and are a quality tool.

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Buy replacement blades for your cutters. These are easy to replace and will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. You can get the blades from most hardware stores and tool shops.

Buy some good quality replacement springs for your cutters. Springs often break and if you have a spare set you can replace them quickly.

Buy some small screwdrivers to tighten the screws on your cutters. These will likely come loose over time and a small Phillips head will be the best size for most of the screws.

Buy some cutting oil or grease. This will help protect the metal parts of your tool and make it last longer.

Buy some pliers such as the Klein Tools 8-inch slip joint pliers. These are a good general purpose tool for most jobs that you will need. You can get them at most tool shops and they are made in the United States.

Tips & Warnings:

Use the right tool for the job and don’t try to use something that isn’t designed for it.

Use the right technique for the job, if you try to cut wire with a pair of bolt cutters you will either damage the pliers or the wire and maybe even your hands!

Keep your tools clean and oiled to prevent rust and make them last longer.

If you drop your tool on a hard surface it is possible to damage it so be careful not to do that.

Tools are only as good as the person using them.

Klein J2000 Side-Cutting Linemans Pliers Review - Picture

Wear eye protection at all times when working with tools.

By knowing what you need for the job you can make sure that you have everything to hand so you don’t lose work time running back and forth to the hardware store. Make sure you have enough money to cover the purchase as well! If you can, buy quality tools that will serve you for many years.

By knowing how to use your tools properly and taking care of them you can make sure they last a long time and serve you well.

Cleaning your tools after use will make them last longer and also keep them free of dirt and grease which can cause problems such as rust.

When storing your tools make sure they are not thrown in a box or bag where they can rattle around and bang into one another. Apply the same rule as for use and separate the tools into their respective types for easy identification. For example, keep all the wrenches together and all the pliers together.

Use cutting oil or grease when cutting metals such as copper or aluminum that can cause the metal to seize up in the cutter if not kept well lubricated.

Don’t use your tools for jobs that they weren’t designed for such as using pliers to undo screws or vice versa. Also don’t use your tools for a job when you have the choice of a tool made for that specific job, for example a screwdriver instead of a hammer.

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