Kincrome Club Hammer and Claw Hammers

Kincromed Club Hammer and Claw Hammer are the most popular name for these types of hammers. They are manufactured by a company called Kincrome Club. There are two types of them: one with a curved handle and another type without any handle at all. These hammers have been used for centuries to smash through doors, windows, walls, fences and other objects that block your way. They are available in different sizes and weights.

The main feature of these tools is their ability to cut through wood or metal. Their cutting power is great enough to easily break through thick wooden doors, windows, fences and even some steel bars. They can also be used for breaking down door jambs or other obstacles blocking your way. You can use them to open up locked doors or boxes in order to get inside safely if needed.

These hammers are very useful in case of emergency. If you need to break into a room where there is no way out, then you will probably need these tools. However, they are not suitable for everyday use because of their weight and size. They might cause injury to your hands when using them. Also, they could damage your fingers while trying to pry something open with it.

Kincrome tools have been around for a very long time. The Kincrome brand has been around for over one hundred years. These tools are usually made from forged steel for their strength and durability. With proper care they will last a lifetime and more. They come in different sizes and weights with each size suitable for a different job.

They are used by everyone from the regular do-it-yourselfer to law enforcement, fire fighters, military personnel and more.

The smallest Kincrome hammers are around five to eight inches long and weigh one to two pounds. These can be used for opening up wooden crates or prying objects open without damaging the contents inside. The middle sized Kincromes are around nine to twelve inches long and weigh between two and three pounds. These can be used for breaking objects with more resistance like wooden or sheet metal doors and windows. The largest Kincromes are around thirteen to sixteen inches long and weigh around three to four pounds.

These can be used for busting through wooden or sheet metal doors, heavy wooden objects or even breaking through some types of metal. Remember, the heavier the head of the hammer, the more momentum it will have when striking an object. The only downside to these types of hammers is that they can be dangerous to your fingers when using them. Always wear protective gloves when using one of these tools.

These are specialized tools and should not be used as a weapon. Using one of these tools to hit someone could cause serious injury to you or the person you are trying to subdue. If you are in law enforcement it is advised that you use a less dangerous tool for subduing a suspect and call for back up instead.

These tools are meant for use by adults or with adult supervision by a child. They should never be given to a child to play with. They are not toys.

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It is always recommended that you wear safety gear every time you use one of these tools. This includes eye protection and gloves. Even when using a smaller sized hammer it is possible for the head to fly off the handle and strike something or someone if used improperly. It can also be used as a weapon if someone tries to take it away from you. Always wear protective gear when using one of these tools.

Kincromes are great tools but they are not indestructible. Never use one to try to cut through hard materials like metal or stone. This can damage the edge of the tool and possibly cause an injury to your hand or fingers. Also, do not use them to pry up hard objects like large slabs of concrete. The force of the tool being wedged into the object could cause it to slip and cause damage to your hand or fingers.

Kincromes are made for professional and hobby use. They can be used on a regular basis for years with proper maintenance. It is recommended that you clean your tools after each use to prevent rust and extend the lifetime of the tools.

When it comes to tools, Kincromes are one of the best. They have stood the test of time and are still as useful today as they were decades ago. Most people that use them once usually become repeat customers. They are a great value and a even better gift.


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