Keter High Store Small Garden Shed Review

Keter High Store Small Garden Shed Review: What Is It?

The Keter High Store (also known as KHS) is a small garden shed with two doors which are located at the back of your home or office. You have to access it from both sides, but its only one door. There’s no way you could get into it without opening up the front door too.

It is made out of steel and concrete. Its dimensions are approximately 20 x 40 feet. It is equipped with a sliding glass door, which opens up to reveal a small garden area. The interior walls are lined with plywood panels, so there’s no need to worry about rodents getting inside the house when you’re not around anymore!

There’s even a built-in shelving unit for all your gardening supplies!

The KHS is great for growing herbs and vegetables, as well as storing them away. It comes with a built-in shelf for hanging plants. It also has a small kitchenette area where you can prepare meals. If you want to make use of the space, then you can install additional cabinets or shelves inside the KHS itself.

Alternatively, you can buy a KHS vertical shed (sold separately) which gives you the option of building your own shelving units.

The KHS is perfect for storing your more sensitive equipment too. You could stash the garden cart and lawnmower in here when you’re not using them. Or, if you want to expand on your storage space, then you can easily fit a few crates of beer inside the shed as well!

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