Kershaw Seguin Folding Knife Review

Kershaw Seguin Folding Knife Review:

The Kershaw Seguin folding knife is one of the most popular folding knives in the world. The Kershaw Seguin was introduced in 1993 and it’s still produced today. It is considered to be one of the best pocket knives available at any price range. The Kershaw Seguin is made from high quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.

The Kershaw Seguin is a good choice for everyday carry because it offers a very solid feel and strong blade. The knife comes with a clip point blade which makes it easy to sharpen. The Kershaw Seguin is also designed so that it will fold flat when not in use making the knife even smaller than its size would suggest.

One of the main features that make the Kershaw Seguin a great choice for everyday carry are its ergonomic handles. These handles feature thumb studs and finger grooves to allow your hands to rest comfortably while using the knife. The handle shape allows you to easily grasp the knife without having to extend your fingers or reach around with them. There is also a lanyard hole located near the top of each side of the handle which helps keep your knuckles protected during extended use.

The handle material on the Kershaw Seguin is anodized aluminum. This material has a rugged look and feel while also being lightweight and strong. The black color of the anodized aluminum helps prevent the handle from reflecting light or being spotted when it might be in your hand. The aluminum material has been given a coating to protect it from the elements. This coating also gives the knife a sleek, smooth look and feel.

The blade of the Kershaw Seguin is made from Sandvik 14C28N steel. This high-carbon stainless steel is easy to resharpen with a simple whetstone or other sharpening tool. The blade material has also been given an anodized coating to protect it from the elements.

Kershaw has used a locking system on the knife which allows it to be opened and closed with one hand. The frame lock features a steel insert which adds strength and reliability to the knife. This locking system also allows you to keep your fingers safely on the side of the blade while it is open. The strong frame lock ensures that the blade will not snap shut if your hand or fingers get in the way.

The pocket clip on the Kershaw Seguin is reversible and allows for tip-up or tip-down carry. Since it is reversible, you can carry your knife on either side of your pocket. The pocket clip is also designed to keep the knife from falling out of your pocket when it is clipped in.

The blade on the Kershaw Seguin comes in a variety of different lengths. You can choose from lengths ranging from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. No matter what you need it for, there is sure to be a blade length available that will work well for you.

The handle on the Kershaw Seguin is made with G10 material. This strong material gives your knife a strong, comfortable grip. The black color of the G10 material helps you to easily identify your knife in low light conditions. In addition to the handle and frame locks, the G10 material adds another layer of security to prevent your knife from accidentally closing on your fingers.

Kershaw Seguin Folding Knife Review -

Kershaw has been producing knives in the United States since the 1970s. The company was founded by a man named Keith Breeden and operates under the KAI Group brand. The KAI Group designs, markets, and sells many different types of products. These products are sold in many different locations all over the world. The company is best known for its success in manufacturing and selling multi-tools, pocket knives, and fixed blade knives.

If you are looking for a good everyday carry knife, the Kershaw Seguin offers an excellent option. This knife has everything you would need from an EDC knife and more. The lanyard hole on the handle allows you to keep your knife secured to your hands in the event that you drop it. The G10 material that makes up the handle is strong enough to keep your hand from slipping and sliding all over the place.

The anodized aluminum handle not only looks good, but also keeps the knife from rusting when it is exposed to water and other elements. The clip allows you to carry your knife in traditional fashion or in your pocket. You can choose from a variety of different blade lengths to find the one that works best for you.

The lockback style of the Seguin gives you excellent control over your blade and lets you open and close it with one hand. The steel in the frame and lock bar ensure that your blade will not bend or break under normal circumstances. The pocket clip is sturdy and strong enough to keep your knife in your pocket.

The Kershaw Seguin may be the perfect EDC knife for you. All you have to do is decide which blade length you want and pick one up for yourself today. You won’t be disappointed.

Product Features

Stainless steel drop point blade with a plain edge

4.5-inch blade length

Anodized aluminum handle with a black G-10 front

Reverse “S” style metal pocket clip

Kershaw Seguin Folding Knife Review |

Lockback style for added security

Lightweight at just 2.5-ounces

Offered with a durable carry pouch

Materials & Construction

The blade on the Seguin is made out of high-quality stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about this blade rusting, staining, or discoloring in any way. The blade is highly durable and will retain its edge for a long period of time. The black finish on the blade helps it to blend in with whatever you are cutting, making it much more difficult for others to see it.

The handle on this knife is made out of aluminum with a black G-10 front scale. Aluminum is a great option when it comes to your EDC knife because it is lightweight and will never rust or corrode. The black G-10 front scale on the knife looks great and provides a secure grip. Some people might be worried that the scales would be slippery when wet, but this is not an issue with the Seguin.

The pocket clip on this knife has been set up for tip-down carry only. Since the Seguin is a folding knife, it’s important to make sure you are carrying it in a safe manner.

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