Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber Folding Knife Review – Now in Copper

Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber Folding Knife Review – Now in Copper!

The Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber folding knife review is one of the best knives from Kershaw. It is made with high quality materials such as titanium, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. The blade is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and easy to sharpen. The handle material is a special type of carbon fiber called Natrix (pronounced: nah-TEE-see).

It is a lightweight yet strong fabric that has been woven into a pattern to create a unique shape. It is very light weight and extremely strong. The Natrix fabric is not only beautiful but also extremely resistant to scratches and abrasion.

In addition to being incredibly tough, the Natrix carbon fiber material absorbs heat exceptionally well making it ideal for use in hot climates where other types of fabrics may become damaged or lose their strength due to excessive heat exposure.

It is worth noting that the Natrix fabric is actually a composite of different fibers, each having its own purpose. The weave patterns are created using various combinations of nylon, spandex and polyester. These different fibers have varying densities so they will absorb different amounts of heat when struck by a sharp object. A combination of these fibers results in a fabric that is extremely resilient to wear and tear while still retaining flexibility and strength.

Another interesting feature of the C.F. material is its ability to self-clean and self-repair if it gets dirty or dusty. Most fabrics will become heavier when wet and also lose their flexibility.

The neoprene fabric used in the handle of the knife, however, is very quick drying and helps keep your hands dry and cool even in wet conditions.

Carrying a knife is an important safety precaution that you should never compromise on for any reason. This knife has a very comfortable handle that fits easily into the hand and is remarkably lightweight. It also has a safety switch that prevents the knife from opening in your pocket or from closing when your hand is in the way. The blade locks into place when it is opened and there is a built-in wire stripper to help you prepare wires for soldering.

The overall length of this knife is 8.2 inches with a blade that is 3.4 inches long.

The features of this knife will definitely come in handy during any job or task that you may have around the house or even at work. With this knife you will be able to cut, strip and saw many different types of materials with ease and precision. Just remember to keep it out of the reach of small children.

The blade is extremely sharp and the edges are smooth. It is not a toy and should be treated with respect. You wouldn’t want your fingers to accidentally slip and get cut somehow. This knife has a very appealing design that will look great on display or stored in a pocket or tool belt.

It also makes an excellent gift for the handy man or woman in your life. It is a durable and reliable tool that can be used with confidence to tackle any project you may have.

The knife comes with a plastic sheath that attaches to your belt. You can easily remove it and replace it whenever necessary. The sheath has belt loops on the back side that allow you to wear it on your belt. The front of the sheath is molded and has an opening where the knife handle protrudes.

This makes it very accessible and easy to draw. The knife can be re-sheathed with just as much ease. The handle doesn’t get snagged on the sheath or your pocket as you are putting it away.

Kershaw Natrix Carbon Fiber Folding Knife Review – Now in Copper at

As you can see, this is one very versatile knife that can be used for almost any occasion. It is ideal for many types of professions and hobbies. Make sure to pick one up for yourself or the handy man in your life today!

You should only use your knife with the sheath. Never place the knife in your pocket without the sheath or attempt to cut anything with it while it’s outside of the sheath as this may damage the blade and will void most warranties.

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