Kershaw Clash 1605X Folding Knife Review

Kershaw Clash 1605X Folding Knife Review

The Kershaw Clash series are one of the most popular folders out there. They have been around since the 90’s and they continue to be sold today. Their popularity stems from their affordability, quality construction, and good looks. The knifes are available in many different styles and colors with various handles designs.

In addition to being affordable, the knives are very well made. Many people buy them because they like the look of them or they want something simple and not too flashy. The blades are also very sharp and will cut through just about anything.

One thing that makes these knives so appealing is their durability. You can expect these knives to last quite some time even if you do use them regularly. If you need a knife that will perform well for years then the Kershaw Clash series are definitely what you’re looking for.

They come in several sizes and shapes. Some of the larger ones include:

Clash 1409 – 13″ blade (5.7 cm) – $50-$60

– 13″ blade (5.7 cm) – $50-$60 Clash 1501 – 12″ blade (4.6 cm) – $30-$40

– 12″ blade (4.6 cm) – $30-$40 Stiletto 1660 – 6″ blade (15.2 cm) – $20

Most of the knives in the series feature an aluminum handle with a steel blade. They are available in unpainted, silver, and gold anodized finishes. The larger ones tend to have wider handles so that you can get a better grip on them. They also feature a pocket clip so that it will be easier to carry them around. Besides the regular Clash series, there are also other types of these knives.

For example, the Stiletto line features a thinner, double edged blade with a smaller handle. As the name suggests, it looks a lot like a stiletto. The Stiletto 1660 has a smooth handle without any type of pattern at all. It does have a pocket clip, though, which is not present on other knives in the series.

The Mini Clash features a smaller 3.25″ blade and it measures 5.5″ overall. The Mini Clash 1680 is the smallest one and it only measures 3.75″ overall.

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The Mini Clash series does not feature handles made from aluminum; instead the handles are made from thermoplastic.

The Hunt series features a clip point blade and the tip is flat. The Hunt 1675 has a clip blade and measures 6.75″ long. The Hunt 1670 is similar, but has a drop point blade instead. It only measures 5.5″ overall.

Kershaw Clash 1605X Folding Pocket Knife With Speed Safe Out The Front Automatic Blade

The model that we’re reviewing is the Clash 1605X which costs about $40. It has a 3.75″ blade with an overall length of 8.25″. The closed length is 5.

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