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Kershaw Camber Review is a popular website with over 2 million readers every month. The site’s content consists of reviews, guides, and other useful information related to all things Kershaw. Since its inception in 2008, the site has grown into one of the most influential sources for knife enthusiasts around the world.

The site was founded by Adam Koster and Chris Wahlstrom in response to a need they felt for quality information on their favorite brand. With the launch of the first edition, Kershaw Camber Review quickly became a destination for knife enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2010, the duo decided to expand beyond knives and began publishing reviews on other products including outdoor gear, watches, and even cars. By 2012, Kershaw Camber Review had expanded to include a wide variety of topics such as food and drink (including wine), travel (from restaurants to hotels), electronics (TVs to computers) and much more.

Today, Kershaw Camber Review is known for its extensive coverage of all things Kershaw. Its reviews are comprehensive and well researched. They’re also entertaining and often humorous, which makes them a great read for anyone interested in the latest news from the knife industry.

The site’s focus on quality materials and construction means it doesn’t skimp when it comes to testing new features or offering advice on how to use them properly. While there isn’t any “best” knife, there are certainly knives that are better than others. When reviewing a knife, the team at KCR explains why it’s good or bad and how it compares to similar products in the same field. This information is vital when it comes to choosing a new knife and is often something that manufacturers neglect when describing their own products.

Kershaw Camber Review focuses on positive reviews because it believes in offering useful information rather than mindless negativity for the sake of controversy. There is no point telling people that a knife is bad when there are far better options available on the market. By testing and reviewing products in a fair and balanced manner, readers can make an informed decision about what they want to buy.

The team at KCR always tries to remain as neutral as possible and never accepts payment for positive reviews. Instead, all products are ordered by the editorial staff and then tested extensively before being reviewed in full.

When a product is sent back or returned, it is often loaned to other staff members as a temporary replacement for their own gear. This means that each and every KCR reviewer uses products on a daily basis and are completely familiar with how they perform in all conditions.

The combination of extensive testing and knowledgeable staff members means that Kershaw Camber Review remains one of the most trusted independent sources of knife reviews on the Internet.

In addition to its knife-related coverage, KCR has grown to become a well-known source for in-depth information about a wide range of products. It has made its mark in areas such as automotive, computers, clothing, and even health and fitness. Whenever someone has a question about a particular product or wants a fair and balanced review before buying something new, they know that they can count on KCR to tell them everything they need to know before reaching their decision.

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Kershaw Camber Review remains committed to its original purpose of reviewing knives but continues to pursue its goal of becoming the most informative and helpful online source of information about just about anything.

By: Chris Jenkins

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