Kershaw Blur Folding Knife 1670BLKST Review

The Kershaw blurs are one of the most popular folding knives in the world. They have been used by military personnel around the globe, law enforcement officers, hunters and many other professions. The blurring knife is made from high quality stainless steel with a durable yet lightweight design. The blade is flat ground for ease of cutting through tough materials such as leather or thick hide while still maintaining sharpness. It features a satin finish which gives it a unique look and feel when using it.

Kershaw knives are available in several different models. Some of them include:

• K2 – A fixed blade knife with a 4 inch (10 cm) handle and a 5 1/4 inch (14 cm) blade.

• K3 – A fixed blade knife with a 3 3/8 inch (9 cm) handle and a 6 1/4 inch (16 cm) blade.

• K5 – A fixed blade knife with a 4 1/2 inch (11 cm) handle and a 7 inches (18 cm) blade.

• K6 – A fixed blade knife with a 5 3/4 inch (15 cm) handle and a 8 1/2 inch (20 cm) blade.

The Kershaw blurs are well known for their durability, strength, reliability and overall performance. They are easy to use and maintain.

The blade is made from 8CR13MoV high carbon stainless steel which is similar in composition to 440C. It is a versatile, strong metal that holds an edge well and is relatively easy to sharpen. The knife also features layers at the top of its metal where it meets the handle. This creates a solid, sturdy connection between the knife and its handle preventing any slippage along the handle.

The handle is made from a strong and durable glass reinforced nylon material. It is molded into a specific design for each knife. This provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user while also being water resistant, lightweight and strong.

The blade has been given a black coating which protects it against the elements and also prevents it from rusting.

Kershaw Blur Folding Knife 1670BLKST Review -

The kershaw blur has an overall length of 8 inches (20.3 cm) and it weighs 3.5 oz. (99 g).

Kershaw has been manufacturing knives since 1974 and as the fourth largest manufacture of folding knives in the USA they specialize in high quality, strong working knives.

Kershaw knives are easy to use, maintain and made from strong high quality materials that are sure to last. With such a wide range of knives to choose from there is sure to be one that suits you needs or desires.

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Kershaw Website

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