KEEN Utility Dover 6-Inch Waterproof Work Boot Review

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The Keen Utility Dover 6-Inch Waterproof Work Boot Review is made up of two different models: the Keen Utility Dover 8-Inch Waterproof Boot and the Keen Utility Dover 10-Inch Waterproof Boot. Both are made from water resistant leather with a waterproof rubber sole.

They come in three colors: black, brown and tan. Keen Utility Dover Waterproof Boots Review comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

The Good

These boots are reported to be very comfortable right out of the box. They look nice and provide good ankle support, which is great for people on their feet all day.

They are easy to clean and maintain because they are made of waterproof leather, which keeps them from getting dirty in the first place. The boots are easy to slip on and off because they have a side zipper. The soles have great traction on slippery surfaces. These boots are well-made and should last a long time.

The Not-So-Good

Some reviewers complain that the sizing is off. They are not wide enough and they are too long so they tend to slip when walking.

Others say that the leather is too stiff at first, causing discomfort around the ankle. Some also say that the boots don’t provide enough arch support.

Features And Specifications

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Manufacturer: Keen Footwear

Keen Footwear Made from leather and rubber

Provide 4.8 inches of height

Comes with a 6 month warranty

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Style: 192526 black, 192527 brown, 192528 tan

Sizes: 7.5-12 D(M) US (half sizes, 7.5D(M) US 8.5-12 D(M) US)

Price: $89.95

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Keen Utility Dover 6-Inch Waterproof Work Boot Review – The Verdict

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The important thing when you are looking any product is to know your needs. Don’t just buy something because someone you trust recommended it.

Even if I do. Instead, try to figure out what you need and then search for the specific features of a product that can address those needs. This is the only way to get the most out of anything.

So I know that these are not the best boots in the market, but they are not the worst either. They are just good enough for people who don’t need anything special from their boots.

I don’t need anything special either so I think this is a good pair for me. I’ll take it.

These boots can be bought from Amazon.

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