Johnson Level 40-6064 Digital Angle Locator Review

Johnson’s digital angle locator is one of the best angle finders available today. Its features are very good. It comes with a variety of settings which allow you to choose from different angles and distances. You can set it up so that it measures your home or office, your garage, or even your neighborhood. There are three levels: 0-20 feet, 20-50 feet, and 50-100 feet (depending on the setting). The digital angle locator also allows you to select between two types of measurement: distance and angle. Distance measurements are taken at the widest point of your property. Angle measurements are taken at the narrowest part of your property.

The digital angle locator is a great way to locate angles around your house or business without having to go out into the yard or walk through the grass. It uses GPS technology, so it will always return accurate results no matter where you are located on your property.

There are several ways to use the digital angle locator. One option is to take advantage of its built-in software feature, which lets you enter your address and get a list of all angles within a certain radius. Another option is to download the free app for iOS or Android devices, which will give you instant access to all angles within a specified distance.

The app will even give you driving directions to each angle.

The digital angle locator is the only angle finder you’ll ever need. It’s accurate, easy to use, and it has all the bells and whistles.

Best of all, it’s made by Johnson, but isn’t that true of everything they make?

The video presentation shows you how to use the digital angle locator.

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