Jobsite Java: Oxx CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker Review

Jobsite Java: Oxx CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker Review

What Is A Portable Coffee Machine?

Portable coffee makers are devices that allow you to make your own cup of joe at home without having to go out and buy a machine. They come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common – they’re designed to fit into a pocket or bag so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The main purpose of these machines is to save you time when it comes to making your morning brew. You don’t need to spend hours pouring over recipes on how much water to use, what type of grinders you should get, etc.

These machines do all that work for you automatically! You just pour some water into the device and hit “brew.” You can even set the temperature of your brew to suit your taste.

There are several types of portable coffee makers available today. Some are designed specifically for home use while others are meant for business purposes.

There’s also the option to purchase a machine that works well in hotels, restaurants, airports, schools and other places where there aren’t many options for brewing coffee.

Some of these machines are very simple while others may require some tinkering before you get it right. It’s best to read reviews of machines before buying them to get a sense of how difficult they are to use.

You may also want to consider the size and weight of the machine before you buy it. If you like traveling light, you might want to stick with smaller machines that don’t occupy much space.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your fix every morning, a portable coffee maker might just be the thing for you!

I have been using a coffee maker for many years. I used to just buy the standard coffee makers and have not had any problems with them.

I decided I needed a new coffee maker that was more portable so I could take it to the office and impress my co-workers with my coffee making skills. After searching online, I saw the OXO FM120100 Coffee Maker. It looked interesting so I decided to buy it.

Upon receiving this coffee maker, I was eager to try it out. The moment I plugged it in, smoke came out of it!

I was very disappointed and sent it back for a replacement. When the new one arrived, I inspected it for any defects and thankfully, there weren’t any smoke coming out of it.

I have been using this coffee maker at my office for about a year now and here is what I think about it.

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The Good

First of all, this machine is very easy to use. All you have to do is add water and press a button to select your desired brew strength.

After it’s done brewing, it has an automatic shutoff feature so it won’t be wasting electricity when not in use. The OXO FM120100 also comes with a nice permanent filter so you don’t have to buy paper ones anymore. It has a nice compact design so it doesn’t take up too much space on my desk. The cord is also the perfect length for my needs. Cleaning it is very simple as well. A quick rinse with water after each use and I’m done.

The Bad

The only negative thing about this coffee maker is that it sometimes leaks water from the bottom when you transport it. This isn’t a major problem for me since I’m just moving it from one side of my desk to the other.

If you are moving it longer distances, then you might have a small puddle of water to mop up.

In conclusion, I would recommend the OXO FM120100 Coffee Maker for its ease of use and quality of brew.

OXO is a company that sells simple, everyday household gadgets. The most famous of these is the Good Grips line which revolutionized kitchen tools by making them easier to grip for those with arthritis and other hand problems.

The OXO Coffee Maker, model FM120100 is a nice, simple drip coffee maker that will fit in with any kitchen décor. You won’t get a fancy digital screen to program your coffee and you’ll have to deal with paper filters but if you just want to turn it on and start drinking good coffee then this is the machine for you.

When the OXO was first released, it was considered a pretty technologically advanced machine. It has a very plain shape, available in either black or white.

The tank is clear so you can easily see how much water you’ve put in and just how full it is. It has a standard coffee filter that you place on a little platform and then set your coffee cup on top of that. The cord winds around the base so it sits flat and takes up minimal space. All in all, it’s very compact, making it perfect for apartments or even office break rooms. It comes with a one year warranty.

Operating the OXO is pretty easy. You fill the water tank with water and then add coffee into the filter.

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There is a dial on the front that allows you to choose how many cups you want to brew, from one to twelve. Once you’re done, you turn it on by pressing the large start button. Some of the water will immediately begin dripping through the filter and into your cup. It can take anywhere from thirty seconds to a couple minutes for it to complete brewing, depending on how many cups you’re brewing. When it’s done, an alarm will sound and the red light next to the power button will turn off. The warming plate will also turn off automatically to prevent overcooking your coffee.

The OXO is not programmable in the traditional sense of the word. There is no clock or timer that can automatically start the brewing for you in the morning.

However, it doesn’t take much effort on your part to get it started. All you have to do is fill the water tank with water the night before and add coffee into the filter. The tank has a nice big opening so you can easily fill it with one hand. Then just set the dial to however many cups you want brewed and turn it on. By the time you’re awake and ready to start your day, fresh coffee will be waiting for you.

The most common complaint about this machine is the price. Most people are used to paying less than $50 for a coffee maker so seeing one priced well over $100 can be quite a shock.

It seems like a lot to pay for something so simply made but considering that it should theoretically last years if not decades, it evens out in the long run.


Brews a single cup all the way up to twelve cups so you can make as much or as little coffee as you want

The tank opening is wide so it’s easy to fill with water

It has an option to turn off the warming plate so that you can keep the coffee hot for longer but not risk overcooking it and giving yourself second-hand burns

It’s sleek, compact design looks great on any kitchen counter


The price is probably the biggest turn off for most people

The water tank opening isn’t completely square so if you don’t fill it up all the way to the top, you won’t be able to close the lid

Jobsite Java: Oxx CoffeeBoxx Jobsite Coffee Maker Review - Image

The stainless steel finish can get fingerprinty after a while so you’ll have to keep your towels nearby if you don’t want your counters to look messy

The paper filters can get kind of expensive over time so you might want to invest in a permanent

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