JET JWS Series Web Strap Hoists

JET JWS Series Web Strap Hoists are a type of hoist used for holding up the body when using a chair lift or other device that requires the user to sit down. They have been around since the 1950’s and were originally designed for use with jet engines. The name “Jet” comes from their design which was inspired by jets of air used during World War II.

The Jet JWS series consists of two types: the 1A and 1B models. The 1A model is a single piece design while the 1B model has a separate upper and lower section. Both models feature the same basic features such as adjustable straps, locking mechanism, and carrying handle.

In general, they are made out of aluminum alloy steel with plastic handles. They come in various colors including black, red, green, blue and yellow. Some versions have rubber grips instead of metal ones.

They are available in different sizes ranging from small (3 feet) to large (9 feet). Each size has its own weight capacity. The largest one weighs about 12 pounds and the smallest one only 3 pounds. All models have a carrying handle that can be locked into place.

There are several brands of these hoists but most of them are made by H&H Tools Inc., a company based in South Bend, Indiana. There is also another brand called JET Products Inc.. Although they are made by different companies, they are all designed to do the same thing.

They are basically all the same with only minor differences.

The following are some safety tips for the JET JWS series web strap hoists:

1. Always do a thorough inspection of the hoist before and after each use.

Check for signs of damage or wear and make sure all moving parts are working properly.

2. Make sure the area you’re using it in is clear of debris or other objects that can cause issues while the hoist is in use.

3. Before lifting anything, make sure to secure the object with ropes or chains.

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This will prevent it from swinging and causing potential harm to yourself or others. Always stay in control of the object at all times when lifting.

4. If possible, get assistance from another person.

This will allow for an extra set of hands to help you if needed and will also provide some moral support.

5. Make sure to lift the object straight up to prevent it from swinging or tilting in any direction.

6. Before putting the object down, always make sure to secure it in place so it does not tip over or fall off the edge of whatever platform it is on.

7. Never over-tighten the hoist strap.

This can cause the strap or the rollers to break.

8. Always store the hoist in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.

9. Before storing it for an extended period of time (1 month or longer), apply a coat of light oil to prevent corrosion.


12. Follow all safety instructions as listed in the owner’s manual.

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