Jet 1020 BT Drum Sander: Compact Size, Premium Features

Jet 10-20 Plus – A Powerful Drum Sanding Machine?

The Jet 10-20+ is a powerful drum sanding machine. Its power comes from its 12″ x 24″ steel chassis with a 20 ton capacity, which provides it with excellent strength and durability. The front panel features two large dust collection ports, one at each corner, allowing for easy cleaning of the dust port area without having to remove the unit altogether. The rear panel features four additional dust collection ports, which are located along the top edge of the unit. These ports allow for easy removal of debris without having to take off the front panel entirely.

The Jet 10-20+ is equipped with a motorized dust collector that allows for quick and efficient cleanup of any type of dust buildup. The dust collector is powered by a single 9V battery, which can provide up to 40 minutes of continuous operation before requiring recharging.

The unit’s built-in fan will keep the dust free air moving around inside the unit while it works.

In addition to its powerful motorized dust collection system, the Jet 10-20+ features a 3/8″ drive belt drive that spins at 1,000 RPM. This means that the unit can quickly clean any type of surface with ease.

The 10-20+ can be used for a wide variety of projects, making it a great addition to any workshop.

The Jet 10-20+ is equipped with a set of 180 grit sandpaper that can be replaced when worn away. The paper is mounted on an A-Frame, which allows the user to easily change out the paper and get back to sanding.

Included with the sander is a dust collection bag that can be attached to the rear dust ports. This makes cleanup substantially easier and faster, as the dust can be emptied directly into the trash without having to connect a vacuum or shop vac hose.

The Jet 10-20+ also features integrated handles on each side for lifting and moving the drum from place to place. This is particularly convenient when needing to move or reposition the unit while sanding.

The sander measures 17.13″ in width, 20.47″ in depth, and 11.81″ in height.

It weighs in at 28 lbs.

What Are People Saying About The Jet 10-20 Plus?

The overwhelming majority of reviewers absolutely love this drum sander. Users report that it is powerful enough for any type of sanding or stripping job you may have, and that the dust collection system works extremely well.

In fact, many people report that the dust collection system alone is well worth the price of this unit. This comes from the fact that it mounts directly to the unit, so that no additional equipment is required for collecting dust and debris.

Some users have reported issues with the paper cutter, which tends to cause problems after extended use. Other than that, the Jet 10-20 Plus seems to be holding up very well after regular use.

Jet 1020 BT Drum Sander: Compact Size, Premium Features -

Most reviewers agree that this drum sander is extremely durable and well worth the price.

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