ISOtunes Xtra Bluetooth Headphones Review

ISOtunes Xtra Bluetooth Headphones Review: What Is It?

The ISOtunes Xtra Bluetooth Headphones are made from high quality materials. They have a comfortable fit and feel good in your ears. The design of these headphones is simple yet elegant, which makes them look stylish and modern. The color scheme of these headphones is black with white accents. These are the most popular bluetooth earbuds among audiophiles and music lovers alike.

In addition to being fashionable, they are also very effective at blocking out outside noise. They are compatible with all smartphones and tablets running iOS or Android operating systems. You can use them with any music player app such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. There is no limit to what you can listen to because these cans block out ambient sounds so well that it prevents background noises from interfering with your listening experience.

They come in two sizes; small and large. Both sizes are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that will last through many years of continuous usage, then these are the ones for you.

How Does It Sound?

These headphones deliver excellent sound quality. They don’t distort when played loud enough to cause discomfort in your ears. That’s not to say they won’t do that, but it’s unlikely that you’ll hear distortion if you play them loudly enough.

The sound has a flat profile which means there is no emphasis on particular frequencies. This is the way music is supposed to be; you shouldn’t be able to pick out a particular sound and say “that’s the bass,” or anything else for that matter. Music is an orchestral arrangement of sounds, and these headphones reproduce it as such.

If you like music that has a lot of bass, then these are not the headphones for you. They do not reproduce low frequencies very well. If, however, you like intricate arrangements of sounds, such as those by the Beatles or other similar bands, then you’ll love the way these headphones sound. Some people say they use a “hi-fi” standard to judge these headphones by.

To my ears they sound fantastic, and I don’t have anything to compare them to. I guess that’s the advantage of living in the modern age, after all.

The Best Part

The best part about these headphones is that they are wireless. There are no wires connected to your phone or music player what-so-ever. You can walk around and move around as you please without fear of getting caught on something and breaking your listening device. With these you are truly free.

You have nothing to lose by trying these out. Worst-case scenario, you don’t like the way they sound and you can send them back. But if you’re like most people that try these, you’ll keep them because they sound great and are very convenient to use.

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Why You Should Buy Them

If you want to experience music the way it was meant to be heard then there is no better way than with these headphones. They are comfortable and they are compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets. You aren’t locked into a particular company’s ecosystem either; you can use them with any device that plays music.

These are the perfect headphones for anyone that wants to listen to their music privately, whether it be on a train or in a crowded library, or even if you just don’t want to disturb someone sleeping next to you on an airplane.

These are durable headphones that will last you a long time with proper care. The sound quality is outstanding for closed-back headphones, and the fact that they are wireless is just an added convenience you don’t find in other similar products.

Make your life easier and pick up a pair of these headphones. You won’t be disappointed.


Excellent sound quality

Exceptional build quality; made to last

Lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours on end

Plays wirelessly from any device that can play music


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Rating: 5/5


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