Irwin Strait Line Chalk Reels

Irwin Straits Line Chalk Reel Specs:

Brand Name: Irwin

Model Number: 61210 (6116)

Type of Marking Material: Iridium® Silver-Plated Steel Marker with Black Color (Black Ink) and Red Ink.

Marking Type: Crossed Lines, Straight Lines, Diamonds or Squares.

Reel Size: 1/2″ x 3/4″.

Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.

How to Use Irwin Straits Line Chalk Reel?

1. Place the reel on a flat surface such as table top or countertop.

2. Hold the reel upside down so that it faces upward.

3. With your thumb and forefinger, mark the reel at least three times on the side of the reel.

Irwin Strait Line Chalk Reels on

4. Holding the reel vertically, place your index finger along one edge of the reel and then push up toward your palm until you feel a small indentation in the material.

5. Using another finger, press down to make a larger indentation in this area.

6. Move your hands to the opposite side of the reel and repeat this process.

7. Turn the reel over and repeat these steps on this side.

8. Using the handle, turn the reel slowly until you feel it stop briefly.

9. Use your index finger to pick up the chalk by pressing firmly against the small indentation on one side of the reel.

10. Move your finger along the length of the indentation until you have chalk on it. 11. Hold the reel at a right angle to the line that you want to mark and apply chalk to it by pressing firmly against one side. 12.

Move your hand along the line, applying chalk with each movement until the line is covered with chalk. 13. Finally, wipe off the excess chalk from your hand onto an old cloth or paper towel. The chalk will last for quite a long time.

You can find detailed information on irwin strait-line chalk reel below. The following is a list of other tools and materials you can use with Irwin Strait-line.


The chalk used in this reel is the industry standard. The chalk that comes with it works great for most purposes. It comes in a range of colors (Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and Black). For certain jobs you may need blue chalk, which is not included.

The chalk that comes with the reel is sufficient for most purposes. You can use chalk from other manufacturers with this reel, but you must ensure that it is the same size as the chalk that comes with the reel.

The chalk measures 7/16″ in diameter and 5/16″ in width.

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