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What are Multi Bit Screwdrivers?

Multi bit screw drivers are different from regular screw driver. They have two heads with various sizes of teeth. These types of screws have several uses like holding parts together, tightening bolts or nuts, and even cutting through plastic to open up the internal components inside your computer case. You may need these type of screwdrivers when installing new hardware into your PC or replacing old hardware which has failed due to age or abuse.

The most common use of multi bit screwdrivers is to replace damaged screws in computers. There are many brands out there but they all work the same way. They come in different sizes and shapes depending on what kind of screw you want to replace.

Some include flat head, Phillips, hexagonal, t-shaped, torx, phillips head and others.

How do I choose the right one?

You will need to decide if you need a large or small size screwdriver. If you don’t know how big it is, just measure its length and width. If you don’t know how long it is, then measure its thickness. You can get them at any hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. Just make sure that they’re not too expensive because they’ll break after using them often and breaking their warranty!

How do I use a multi bit screwdriver?

You can use a multi bit screwdriver in many different ways. One way is to find the size that fits the slot in the screw or nut, and then twist the top part of it to turn it. Then, pull out the screw by holding onto the part where your hand goes on by using pliers.

The other way is to place the head of the screwdriver at a right or obtuse angle relative to the surface of the screw. Then, push down and turn counter-clockwise. Finally, pull out the screw by holding onto the part where your hand goes on by using pliers.

There are also different types of multi bit screwdrivers such as Pozi, flathead, torx, hexagonal, cross recessed and many more.

Are there any other types of screwdrivers besides multi bit?

There are many types of screwdrivers, some include the following:

Pozi driver: This is also called Pozidriv. The name came from “Positive Drive” but sometimes its also called as PZ. It has a unique, triangle-like shaped tip which comes in sizes 1 to 6.

It’s mostly used on electronics and computer devices. You can find them in any hardware shop.

Stubby screwdriver: This is a small version of the regular screwdriver. Its tip is just large enough to fit the dimensions of the slot on the screw head. It’s mostly used for eyeglasses, watches and PCs.

It can also be used as a makeshift punch to remove stripped screws. You can get them at any hardware store.

Slotted screwdriver: This is the most common type of screwdriver. The blade has a single, rectangular hole in its center and is designed to fit any slotted screw head. It can be found anywhere and its cheap!

Use this for general use on wood, metal or plastic. It can be used to turn a stripped screw but it will take more time than using another tool.

Cross Recessed: This is a special type of screwdriver that has a cruciform cut into its blade. It’s used on security screws mainly found in eyeglasses, watches and laptops. This is designed to prevent them from being tampered by keeping people like us from opening them!

They are usually hidden inside the hinge of the watch or computer casing so if you have one of these, you’re one lucky guy!

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Torx: This is designed for a screw with a star-shaped hole. You can find these in sizes from T6 to T55 with different lengths of the star’s “points”. There are also security versions that have an offset center to prevent them from falling out while being used.

These are usually found in cars and laptops.

Hex Recessed: This is a special type of screwdriver that has a six sided hole cut into its blade. This is designed to fit the hexagonal shaped hole found in some types of screws. You can find these in size 1, 2 and 3.

What are the most common types of screw heads? The most common types of screw heads include:

Phillips: The most common type of head found on a screw. It has a cross that looks like ( “+”. It was invented by an American guy named Henry F.

Phillips in the 1930’s. You can find this anywhere and everywhere.

Flat: This is exactly what it sounds like, a wide, flat surface that is used to turn the screw. It was used more commonly on older types of hardware.

Pozi: This has a square hole in the middle that is used to turn the screw. It was used in very old hardware such as suitcases and toolboxes. It’s rarely found nowadays.

How can I remove a stripped screw?

There are several ways to do this. You can use a drill to make the head larger so it can be turned out or you can snap off the head. Be careful with this however because breaking it can damage the material around it as well. You may also be able to carefully unscrew if you use something like nail polish to secure the broken ends of the screw together so they don’t fray and possibly break off inside the hole. If you are really unlucky, you may have to drill it out and fill the empty hole with superglue.

How do I turn a screw?

Screws are turned clockwise (right) to tighten and anti-clockwise (left) to loosen. You always want to turn them in the direction that will tighten them. This is especially important with delicate equipment such as computer hardware where you can really damage or even destroy something by turning the screws the wrong way!

How do I use a T-Handle?

This is used on larger screws that have recessed hexagon heads to prevent people like us from opening them. What you do is place the flat end underneath the head and then turn the handle which forces the jaws of the tool into the recess and turns the screw.

How do I use a Torx Driver?

These are used for screws with a six pointed star shaped hole in its head. You place the driver over the screw head and turn it clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen. These are generally harder to find in hardware stores but you can get cheap sets on the internet.

How do I use a Torx Wrench?

This is a special type of wrench that is used on screws with six pointed star shaped hole in its head. You place the wrench over the screw head and turn it clockwise to tighten and anti-clockwise to loosen. You can generally find these in most hardware stores.

How do I use a Pin Punch?

These are used for removing broken pins from keyways. You simply place it over the broken pin and then rap it with a hammer to drive it out. These are rarely used nowadays so you may have to make your own by taking a small strip of metal and shaping one end into a circle then sharpening the business end into a point.

How do I use Needle Nose Pliers?

This tool is used for narrow places where your fingers won’t fit. When buying pliers make sure you get the ones with the rubber cushions on the handles because they are much more comfortable to use than the cheaper wire wrapped types.

How do I use a Hacksaw?

This is used for cutting metal. When doing this you always place the blade against the metal and then push or pull it along the item you wish to cut. You cannot cut metal this way by holding the blade still and then pushing the item into it because this can (and will) damage or even break the blade.

How do I use a Chisel?

This is used for removing material from a block of material. You hold it with both hands and strike it with a hammer to drive it through the material. This is very similar to using a hammer and nail but you are using a chisel blade instead of a nail head. A woodworkers mallet is essentially just a large hammer with a wide, flat, wooden (or rubber) head.

How do I use a Files?

Files are used for removing material from metal. They come in various shapes and sizes and you can use them wet or dry. Some, known as rasps, have a rough surface and are used for fast removal of material while others, called smooth files, are used for finishing. You hold the file at an angle against the metal and then push it along the metal to remove material.

How do I use a Drill?

There are many different kinds of drill but most have the same operating principal. A cylindrical shaped piece of metal with holes in the head (known as the bit) is placed on the drill and then this is placed on the drill bit. The bit is held by the drill bit at an angle and then pushed into the material. This creates a hole which can then be used to place a screw or bolt into.

How do I use a Drill Press?

This tool is similar to a hand drill except that it is held in a stand which holds and supports the drill. This brings the bit into alignment with the cylinder and helps prevent it from being pulled in different directions by hand pressure. This reduces the effort needed to operate and can help prevent the bit from slipping out of your hand or through muscular tension.

How do I use an Awl?

This tool is used for creating holes in material. It has a sharp point and is held in one hand while being hammered with the other to create a hole.

How do I use a Keying Tool?

This is used to cut keys for locks. These are especially useful for opening locks which you have lost the key to. You simply place the correct style key in the tool, slip it into the lock, move it back and forth several times (usually saying “one potato, two potato” as you do so) and then turn the lock and open it.

How do I use a Level?

These come in several different types but they all do the same thing which is to measure whether an item is the same height as another. They are often used by builders and the like but can be useful for many other things too.

Where can I get these tools and equipment?

The heavier items such as the anvil, forge and kiln can be found at your local Blacksmith’s. You will probably have to order the others from a General Store. You can also try a local builders merchants or even a garage.

Ebay or other online marketplaces are also worth checking for second-hand equipment.

How much will these tools cost?

The anvil will probably be the most expensive single item to buy. A small one suitable for the hobby blacksmith can cost several hundred dollars. Large industrial anvils can cost several thousand dollars. You can of course go for a cheaper anvil made from a different material such as cast iron but these are considerably less tough and hardy than their traditional forged steel counterparts.

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The forge, hardie hole frame and fuel will probably cost less than the anvil but still several hundred dollars. The hand tools will cost what they cost new wherever you buy them. The machinery tools will be the cheapest as long as they are second hand and in good condition.

You can of course make your own anvil stand and frame. This might save you a few hundred dollars and can be fun to make yourself. There are many plans online for home made anvil stands and frames.

What about electricity and other power?

You will need a supply of electricity to power the tools you have. If you are lucky enough to have a coal fired generator already then you are set as far as that is concerned. You can also get a generator that runs on diesel.

If you are unsure about your electricity supply you can always run your tools off a gas burner or buy or make an oil burning one.

Gas and diesel are also going to be more expensive to run the tools.

Do I need the equipment right away?

If you have all the equipment already then you can start right away. If not then you might want to practice forging on scrap metal first to gain some experience. This can be done with a file and fire.

Blacksmithing does take patience and practice to learn properly. It can be difficult to learn how to make the different items and have them turn out right.

OK I think I know what I want to try, where can I find out more?

There are many books on blacksmithing and the internet is a great source of information. There are also societies for blacksmiths and metal workers which you may like to join.

Many colleges and adult education classes offer short courses in blacksmithing. These can be a great way to learn the basics and get help and advice from more experienced metal workers.

How do I protect myself from burns and cuts?

Blacksmithing is a very dangerous job if you don’t know what you are doing. You can easily get burned or cut so it is important to take precautions. Some simple things like heavy leather gloves and always having a first aid kit nearby can save you a lot of pain later.

If you are using a forge you also need good ventilation. A lot of blacksmithing is done outside because of this requirement.

Keeping hydrated is also important as you can easily get dehydrated while working.

How much money can I make?

As a hobby blacksmith something like $50 to $100 a week is about right. If you try to turn it into a business and make a shop out of your home then your profits will be considerably less. A lot will depend on your location, cost of equipment and how successful you are.

What else do I need to know?

Quite a bit more but we have covered the basics here. If you still want to go ahead and give blacksmithing a try then there are lots of resources out there for you to discover.

One last thing, as with any kind of metal working there is always the risk of metal shards getting stuck in your body if you are not careful. Ears, nose, fingers and toes are the main areas to watch for. Make sure you wear protective gear and check your skin after working to avoid serious injury.

Recent Blacksmithing Topics

Amy asks:

I am new to this black smithing stuff and was wandering what kind of anvil I should buy and what type of coal is the best to use in a forge?

Chris, Blacksmith replies: Anvils: There are many different kinds of anvils for many different kinds of work. It really depends on what you want to make. Look around at different anvils and see which one suits you. Most anvils are made of either Steel or Cast Iron. I prefer a medium sized cast iron anvil. This kind of anvil is good for general work. Coal: This depends very much on where you live and the kind of forge you have. Personally, I prefer natural coal over any other as it produces the right temperature to make the metal do what I want it do to without all the extra smoke that comes from wood burning in a forge. Wood is much harder to control the temperature of the fire and you have to wait longer for it to heat up. Natural coal is easy to get in most places and I find it gives off just the right amount of heat for most jobs.

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Sara asks:

hi my name is Sara I am a teenager and I want to become a black smith. I am a girl and I know a lot of boys think it is not a “girls job” but I don’t care. I have been looking at jobs and everything needs something called experience and I don’t have any.

I really want to be a black smith as my job but I don’t know how to get the experience.

Can you help me?

Chris, Blacksmith replies: Getting experience: It really depends on what kind of Blacksmithing you want to do. If you want to make custom designed wrought iron window guards then you need a completely different set of skills to making horseshoes or cutting a blade from a piece of bar metal. For both of these kinds of work experience is very important and can only be obtained by apprenticing yourself to a local Blacksmith and working for food and board. This was how I got my own start at the trade when I was younger. I was apprenticed to a local farrier (Horse Blacksmith) for food and rent in return for doing all the dirty jobs like cleaning out the forge and bringing firewood. If a Blacksmith is willing to take you on then its a good way to get your foot in the door and get some hands on experience.

If none are willing in your area then you will have to travel to find one who will. Good luck and let me know how you go.

New Topic

Hi everyone, this is Chris the Blacksmith and I am here to answer all your blacksmithing questions. Just post your questions in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Question 1:

Zachery asks:

Hi, I am from America and Iwant to become a blacksmith. I do not have a teacher so I need all the information that you can give.

How old should I be to become a blacksmith?”

Answer: You do not have an age limit but you should be strong enough to lift the heavy steel bars and hammers. “

Where should I work?”

Answer: You can work anywhere in the world you want but it is best to find a place that already has many people. “

Should I work for someone else first?”

Answer: It is good to get experience from someone who already works in the trade because they will teach you how to work correctly and efficiently.

How much money will I make?”

Answer: It all depends on where you work and how good you are, some Blacksmiths can earn over $100,000 a year!

What should I do if no one will teach me?”

Answer: You can try to teach yourself or you can try to get a job at a farm or something until you are old enough to work as a Blacksmith. “

What tools will I need?”

Answer: You will need lots of different tools such as Hammers, Chisels, Tongs and many other things. “

What will my job be?”

Answer: Your job is to shape metal and make things out of metal.

What does a Blacksmith do?”

Answer: A Blacksmith makes different things out of metal such as tools and weapons.

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What is the best metal to work with?”

Answer: The best metal to work with is Steel, its strong and easy to work with.

How much does a blacksmith make an hour?”

Answer: That all depends on where you work, here in America a Blacksmith can make up to $12.00 an hour.

How can I make my own tools?”

Answer: A Blacksmith can make his own tools but they are very hard to make so it is best to buy them.

What does a blacksmith do mostly?”

Answer: A Blacksmith shapes metal into many different things such as tools and weapons.

How much does a hammer cost?”

Answer: A hammer can range anywhere from $20 to thousands of dollars for industrial hammers.

Is Blacksmithing a good job?”

Answer: Yes it is a very good job if you are interested in working with your hands and making things.

What do you need to become a blacksmith?”

Answer: You need strong hands, a strong back and a good work ethic.

Do you need an education to be a Blacksmith?”

Answer: You don’t really need an education but it can help you get a better job and maybe make more money.

What is the best Blacksmithing book?”

Answer: The best book for beginners is “How to blacksmith” By John Gardner

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How do I get started in Blacksmithing?”

Answer: First you start by learning about it and the tools you will need. Then when you feel comfortable with all that you can start practicing and making things out of metal.

What is a Blacksmith?”

Answer: A Blacksmith is a person who makes things out of metal.

Answer 2: The best way to become a good blacksmith is to practice, practice , practice.

Who were the best blacksmiths in history?”

Answer: The best blacksmiths in history were the Ancient Egyptians.

What tools should I get first?”

Answer: Hammers are always needed so you should get a good hammer first.

What do Blacksmiths make?”

Answer: Blacksmiths make everything from tools and weapons to artistic works.

Should I make weapons for the military?”

Answer: That is up to you but you will make more money by selling your weapons to people who want them instead of the military.

Can I make knives?”

Answer: Yes, Blacksmiths can make knifes and other cutting devices.

What’s a good way to advertising?”

Answer: Putting up signs in the local towns and villages is a good way to bring in new customers.

How do I sharpen my tools?”

Answer: Most tools can be sharpen by grinding them on a grind stone or stones.

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Who were the greatest Blacksmiths in history?”

Answer: The Ancient Egyptians were the greatest Blacksmiths in history.

How many Blacksmiths are there today?”

Answer: There are less Blacksmiths now than at any other time in history.

What is the best way to make money?

Answer: The best way is to make specialty items such as statues, artwork, and jewelry.

Is there a Blacksmith’s guild in this kingdom?”

Answer: No, there is no Blacksmith’s guild in this Kingdom.

What do I charge for my work?”

Answer: Whatever you want but you will get more money by making lower priced items.

Can I join the Blacksmiths Guild?”

Answer: Theres isn’t a Blacksmiths Guild in this Kingdom.

Where can I buy a anvil?”

Answer: Anvils are expensive and you probably couldn’t afford one anyway. You may want to look in the Yellow Pages.

How much does a good anvil cost?”

Answer: A good anvil can cost hundreds of dollars.

Is there a Blacksmith’s Association?”

Answer: There isn’t a Blacksmith’s Association in this Kingdom but you could try joining the local Guild.

Who was the best Blacksmith?”

Answer: The best Blacksmith that ever lived was the Great God Hephaestus, he was the Blacksmith of the Gods.

Is it hard to become a Master Blacksmith?”

Answer: It is very hard to become a Master Blacksmith.

How do I become a Master Blacksmith?”

Answer: You can’t become a Master Blacksmith by reading about it, you have to spend a lot of time practicing.

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What does a Master Blacksmith do?”

Answer: A Master Blacksmith makes the best items out of metal.

Can a woman become a Blacksmith?”

Answer: A woman can become a Blacksmith if she wants to but there haven’t been too many great female blacksmiths.

Why does metal Harden?”

Answer: Metal Hardens when it is put under a lot of pressure.

Why does Heat make metal softer?”

Answer: Heat makes metal softer because it melts the metal.

What is the best way to heat metal?”

Answer: The best way to heat metal is a nice even heat.

What is a Forge?”

Answer: A Forge is a place were metal is heated.

How do I make Fortify potions?”

Answer: You won’t learn that until you take Chemistry in College.

How do I make a weopon?”

Answer: You have to have the weapon’s schematics first.

What are schematics?”

Answer: Schematics show you how to create a weapon from basic materials.

Where can I get schematics?”

Answer: You can get Schematics by buying them, finding them or sometimes even creating them.

Can anyone learn to be a Blacksmith?”

Answer: Not really, it usually runs in the family.

Why is there a Blacksmith’s guild?”

Answer: It sets standards for Blacksmiths so you don’t have amatures making swords that break easily.

Why is there several Blacksmith’s guilds?”

Answer: There are several Blacksmith’s guilds because some cities allow them and some dont.

Do you have to be part of a guild to work as a blacksmith?”

Answer: Not really, but most cities require a guild membership before they let you work as a blacksmith.

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Does the Blacksmith’s guild raise the prices on its goods?”

Answer: The Blacksmith’s Guild doesn’t actually make that much money from selling weapons so it doesn’t usually raise the prices.

Why does wood expand and contract?”

Answer: Wood expands when it gets wet and contracts when it dries out.

How does water affect wood?”

Answer: Water makes wood swell and shrink.

Why are some trees harder than others?”

Answer: The type of soil that the tree grows in makes a difference on how hard or soft the wood is.

What is the best type of wood for building ships?”

Answer: Oak is the best type of wood for building ship because it lasts longer and is stronger.

How does harvesting wood impact the environment?”

Answer: When you cut down trees you are taking away the plants ability to produce oxygen. In turn you are causing some changes in the environment.

How can you prevent wood from rotting?”

Answer: You can prevent wood from rotting by using certain chemicals or through special treatments.

Does water affect the strength of wood?”

Answer: Water makes wood weaker.

Are there different types of trees?”

Answer: Yes, there are many different types of trees.

What is the best type of tree to make a house?”

Answer: There isn’t just one type of tree you can use to make a house. Many types of trees can be used but the most common is oak.

How do you prevent wood from rotting?”

Answer: You prevent wood from rotting by treating it or using certain types of wood.

Which animals eat wood?”

Answer: Termites are the only animals that can eat wood and leave behind useful things.

Can you use wood for fuel?”

Answer: Yes, but not all types can be used.

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Does the type of soil wood grows in affect its color?”

Answer: The type of soil and also how far north the tree is from affects the color of the wood.

What causes wood to crack?”

Answer: Things like trees rubbing against each other in the wind or animals climbing them can cause cracks in the wood.

Is metal stronger than wood?”

Answer: No, it’s actually less strong than wood because metal can bend whereas wood usually snaps in half.

How does the amount of sunlight affect which type of tree grows?”

Answer: Less sunlight means the trees grow smaller and less strong.

Does the type of soil affect the color of the tree?”

Answer: The type of soil and also how far north the tree is from affects the color of the tree.

What causes cracks in wood?”

Answer: Several things cause cracks in wood such as animals rubbing against them or the tree itself moving.

What is a common use for wood?”

Answer: The most common use for wood is making furniture, buildings, and recently inundated\ vehicles.

Does carving affect the strength of wood?”

Answer: It can slightly but not by much unless you cut out chunks of it.

How does the angle at which you place wood impact its strength?

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