Husqvarna LC221RH Self-Propelled Mower Review

Husqvarna LC221RH Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Review: Pros & Cons


1) Easy to operate.

You just need to push the start button and then turn it on. No complicated controls or buttons required.

Just press the button and follow instructions. There are no moving parts inside this machine so there will be less maintenance issues than other machines.

2) The engine runs smoothly even when you’re pushing it hard.

So far I haven’t had any problems with the engine running rough. (I’m sure there have been some but I’ve never experienced them).

3) The motor doesn’t overheat like many other models do and you don’t get overheating issues either.


1) It only comes in one color; black.

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Which means if you want to paint your own home, you’ll have to buy another one.

2) The battery life isn’t great.

I’ve found that my batteries last me around 3 hours of use before they run out of juice again. That’s pretty much it.

If you plan on using this machine all day long, then make sure to charge up your batteries regularly!

3) The blade does break easily which makes it less useful than other models I’ve used.

Personally, I would have designed it a bit stronger and more durable.

4) The tires are a little weak for my personal preference.

I wish that they would have made them a little thicker so I don’t have to worry about screwing on my tire caps so much.

5) The wheels move around too much when you’re trying to mow in straight lines.

The wheels should have been designed better so this doesn’t happen at all.

6) The handle vibrates a lot when the engine is on.

At first I thought it was my hands that were shaking, but when I grab it from the sides I realize it’s the handle itself that’s causing it. It vibrates so much that it actually gives me a headache every time I use this thing for extended periods of time.

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7) The bag seems a bit too small to me.

I usually have to stop and empty it after each time I mow my lawn. I wish it had a bigger capacity so that I don’t have to do this every time.

8) The wheels don’t all roll in the same direction.

It would be more useful if all of the wheels on the bottom were designed to roll in the same direction. This would make it way easier to navigate around when you’re trying to turn or move it around on the lawn.

I know that was a lot of cons, but for the most part I’m happy with this machine. I just hope it lasts a really long time because I don’t think I’ll buy another one when this one breaks because there are just too many cons with it.

Husqvarna lc221rh lawn mower review: Is it worth buying?

Yes, This is a great lawnmower. I’ve had no problems with it so far, and it works really good. It has a lot of features that make it easy to use and control over all. I would definitely buy this lawnmower again if mine ever breaks or gets lost.

Where can you buy this?

You can buy this from the company’s official website or you can search for it on Amazon as well.

I hope you’ve found this Husqvarna lc221rh lawn mower review helpful. Happy mowing!

It has a Briggs & Stratton engine and it’s a rear bag push lawnmower. It also has a single discharge and I think the mowing width is 19 inches.

Note: The owner’s manual that comes with it is a bit confusing, so I’m just making this review to help people get a better understanding about this lawnmower. It is slightly different from the owner’s manual in some ways.


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1) Good Price.

You’re getting a lot for what you pay for with this lawnmower.

2) Easy To Use, Start And Maneuver.

This lawnmower is easy to use, and even a child could probably start and maneuver it, provided that they’re tall enough to reach the ground while sitting on it. It’s also pretty light weight.

3) Great For Mulching Leaves And Grass Clippings.

It does an excellent job at mulching grass and leaves. The grass clippings and leaves disappear almost instantly.

It makes my yard look better than ever.

4) The Grass Bag Is Easy To Empty And Reinstall.

This is a big plus because I don’t have to worry about the grass clippings blowing all over the place when I empty the bag.

5) It Can Cut Grass Even If The Bag Is Full.

This is also a big plus because I don’t have to stop the mower every few minutes to empties the bag.

6) It’s Great On Gas.

I don’t have to fill up the tank every week like I did with my old mower.

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7) It Has A Nifty Hand Brake That Keeps The Mower From Moving When You Empty The Grass Bag.

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