Husqvarna 36V Hedge Trimmer Review (536LiHD60X)

Husqvarna 536lihe3 Hedge Trimmer Review (536LiHD60X)

The hosq värld is one of the most popular models among the Swedish population. They are known for their reliability and high quality. They have been around since the early 1990’s and they still remain popular today. With their popularity comes great demand from consumers worldwide.

The hosq värld is one of the best selling model among the hosqvarna brand. It was originally designed to meet the needs of home owners and small businesses. These days it has become very popular with homeowners and professionals alike. It is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable machine that performs well and costs less than comparable machines from other brands.


• Easy to operate – no special training required! Just turn on, go!

• Excellent performance – it cuts through even thick branches with ease. You’ll get excellent results every time!

• Durable construction – it will last for years to come. No need to replace parts or repair damage.


Model Name : HD 60X Product Type : Home & Office Tool Brand : HUSQVARNA Year Of Manufacture : 2008 Overall Length (cm): 438 / Weight (g): 3.4

This is a good choice for people looking for a mains hedge trimmer. It is powerful and durable. It features a 15.9 cc engine with a max power of 2.0 kW.

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It comes with an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle for easy operation.

The machine is easy to start: just pull the starter cord to get the motor running! It can cut through wet or dry hedges with no problem. The cutting blade is made of high quality steel and it stays sharp for a long time.

The machine is very stable and easy to handle. It can cut branches up to 40 millimeters in diameter easily. The weight (about 3.5 kg) contributes to its stability.

Cutting performance is great thanks to the well-balanced design. It is recommended that you wear safety gear when using this tool, such as ear defenders and safety glasses.

The Husqvarna 536LIHD60X comes with a 2 year guarantee from the manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE: All mechanical devices are prone to failure due to manufacturing defects. When purchasing equipment, spare parts and tools, it is not unknown that you may have to acquire several broken tools before finding one that works properly. You should always expect that some things you buy are going to be broken and have a backup plan in case of emergency.

Husqvarna 520IHD60 Reviews

The hosqvarna hedge trimmer is one of the most popular and best selling models of hedge trimmers in Sweden. It is made by the Husqvarna factory. They have been around since 1689 and they are one of the oldest manufacturers in the world still making their original product! People know and trust their brand. Their products have a good reputation for quality and reliability.

The hosqvarna hedge trimmer is designed to cut through small and average-sized hedges. It has a powerful 15.9 cc engine that can cut branches up to a maximum diameter of 40 millimeters. It comes equipped with double serrated blades that keep their cutting edge longer and improve performance. The cutting blades can be replaced when necessary.

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The machine is light enough (about 3.5 kg) for easy handling, yet stable enough for continuous use. It is easy to start: just pull the starter cord to get the motor running! It runs on gasoline and has a fuel capacity of 150cc. The engine is capable of up to 2.0 kW of power.

The tool itself is about 438 centimeters long and it is covered by a two year guarantee from the manufacturer.


• Powerful 15.9 cc engine

This hedge trimmer comes equipped with a powerful 15.9 cc engine. It has a maximum power of 2.0 kW, making it suitable for heavy duty work.

• Double serrated blades

The blades of this machine are equipped with two sharp edges that can cut cleanly through hedges and branches. They stay sharp longer and improve cutting performance.

• Lightweight design

This tool is designed with portability in mind. At only about 3.5 kg, it is light enough to facilitate the use of one arm.

• Fuel capacity: 150cc

This tool can run for about 70 minutes before needing to refuel.

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• 2 year guarantee

This product comes with a two year guarantee for added peace of mind.

Please note: This is not a toy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take all safety precautions when using this product.

Tips & Advice

Here are some handy tips and advice to help you get the most out of your hosqvarna hedge trimmer. Refer to this information whenever you have questions about your product, and don’t forget to register your hedge trimmer online!

1. As with most power tools, the correct fuel is necessary for a hedge trimmer to work correctly.

Make sure you use only unleaded gasoline mixed with two-cycle engine oil in your machine, following the correct proportions.

2. To ensure your hedge trimmer is working at its peak performance, make sure to sharpen or replace the double-sided blades at regular intervals.

3. Always turn off your hedge trimmer when not in use.

This will preserve the lifespan of the motor and prevent accidents caused by unattended equipment.

Husqvarna 36V Hedge Trimmer Review (536LiHD60X) -

4. Before storing your hedge trimmer for extended periods of time (i.

e. over winter), run the engine at least once every 30 days. This is to prevent the fuel from congealing inside the machine and minimise ethanol build-up.

5. Always wear safety equipment when using your hedge trimmer.

This includes gloves, goggles and earplugs. Additionally, avoid using the machine on damp grass.

6. Keep the blades away from any objects that are not grass or other garden plants.

Blades are sharp, and will cause significant damage to anything they come in contact with other than what they are intended to cut.

7. Never attempt to remove jammed material from the blades while the machine is running.

Turn it off and let it cool down before handling.

8. Keep children and pets at least 50 feet away from the machine while it is in use.

Also, be sure to store the machine in a dry place away from any area that attracts curious children or animals.

9. Follow all local regulations and laws when it comes to operating a hedge trimmer.

Wear protective gear, and never operate a hedge trimmer while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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10. Only use this product for its intended purpose. Using a hedge trimmer for any other purposes or alterations may compromise its structural integrity and could put the operator at risk.

11. Slice with care. Blades are sharp, keep fingers away.

12.Two-cycle engines produce carbon monoxide. Never use a hedge trimmer in an area without proper ventilation.

13. Keep long hair tied up and wear protective eye gear to prevent hair from getting into your eyes and eyes from flying debris.

14. Please be aware of other persons and pets which may be effected by the operation of this product.

15. This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

16. Follow local noise ordinances. Do not operate this product at excessive levels. Damage to hearing will occur.

17. Always wear safety googles and earplugs when operating this hedge trimmer. Flying debris can cause serious eye and ear injury.

18. Always keep a safe distance from the cutting area. Blades continue to rotate for a short time after the motor has stopped.

19. Always use caution when changing the blade. Sharp blades are dangerous!

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