Husky 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest 26PCHTHD Review

Husky 26 inch 6 Drawer Tool Chest 26PCHTHD Review

The tool chest is made from solid wood with a sturdy steel frame. It measures approximately 30″ x 32″ x 36″ (76cm x 81cm x 92cm). The drawers are made of solid walnut veneered plywood.

There are two doors which open outwards and one door which opens into the top shelf area. There are four shelves inside the bottom shelf. Two of them hold tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches etc., while the other three contain smaller items like nails, screws and nuts.

There is a sliding panel at the front of the drawer which allows access to all parts of it without having to remove any part of it. The drawers have been designed so that they can easily be opened up when needed and closed again after use.

The drawers themselves are very well constructed and look nice. They are strong enough to support their own weight but not so much that they will fall over if dropped. The hinges on the bottom of each drawer are strong enough to keep them closed even when the drawer itself is tipped backwards.

Each drawer has its own handle which makes it easy to operate.

The flooring in the tool chest is made from a soft material and looks good too. It is easy to keep clean and protect your tools from scratches. The chest comes with a full set of keys to lock it.

There are three keys each designed for one of the three locking mechanisms (top, middle and bottom). You can choose to use one key for all three locks or use a different key for each lock if you prefer.

The unit has a fully welded construction so that it is strong and will not fall apart. It is also designed to be portable and will not take up too much space when in use or not in use.

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The chest is not without its faults. The first thing you will notice is that it has quite a strong chemical smell when it arrives. It isn’t unpleasant and does wear off after a few days, but you will want to air out the chest before using it.

Another common complaint is that the drawers are not perfectly aligned. This means that when you pull them out, they do not slide back in again with the same ease that they came out. You have to push rather hard to get them back in place again.

This is a problem with the construction rather than the material and can be rectified with a bit of care and attention.

The chest is not perfect but it does have a lot of good points. It is a nice looking unit which should stand the test of time and keep your tools organized for years to come.

Whatever your choice may be, always remember to pick a good quality tool chest that will serve you well now and in the future.

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