How To Use A Miter Saw Like A Pro

How To Use A Miter Saw Like A Pro Step By Step:

1) Select Your Material And Cut Size:

2) Measure And Mark Out The Pieces Of Wood You Need For Your Work Area:

3) Set Up The Table Saw (The Main Tool Used To Make Angles):

4) Find The Angle That You Want To Create On Each Piece Of Wood Using The Tablesaw:

5) Draw Lines Around These Points With Pencil Or Sharpie:

6) Once You Have Created The Lines, Take A Snap Shot Of Them With Your Phone’s Camera:

7) Then Turn Off Your Laptop And Use A Paper Clip Or Screwdriver To Trace Over These Images:

8) Now Use The Ruler To Mark Out Where You Would Like To Cut The Pieces Of Wood From Here On Out:

9) Repeat Steps 2 Through 8 For All Four Sides Of Each Piece Of Wood.

This Is Important!

10) After You Are Done Cutting Out The Pieces Of Wood, Flip The Table Saw Over And Start Making Angles On The Other Side:

11) Continue To Do This For Every Angle You Choose To Create. Remember, You Will Be Creating More Than Just Straight Lines!

Step By Step Instructions:

How To Use A Miter Saw Like A Pro - Picture

1) Select Your Material And Cut Size:

MDF or particle board are two types of wood commonly used in home construction. Although the latter is much cheaper than the former, both options work well for cutting practice.

Let’s take an 8 foot long 1 by 6 board for example. If you wanted to cut it into six 18 inched sections, you would measure and mark off every three feet (including the start and end points) as shown in the image on the left.

Then, draw a line through the marks with a pencil (as shown in the middle image). Next, pull out your miter saw and turn it to the right angle setting that corresponds to the length of your board (in this case, 18 inches).

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