How to Install a Towel Rack in 7 Easy Steps

How to Install a Towel Rack in 7 Easy Steps:

1) Determine the location where you want to mount your rack.

You can use any type of surface, but it must not interfere with other fixtures or furniture. A countertop would be ideal because it does not require drilling holes into the wall and will allow easy access when needed.

2) If possible, locate the rack so that it will fit flush against the wall.

If you cannot do this, then you may have to make some adjustments. For example, if there are studs in the way, then you might need to move one of your racks slightly away from the wall before installing it.

3) Drill two 1/4″ holes through both sides of the top piece of plywood.

These holes will serve as spacers between the plywood and the wall.

4) Place a 3/8″ thick piece of wood behind each of the 2×6’s.

This will act as a support for the rack. Make sure that you don’t overhang it too much; otherwise, you risk damaging your new towel rack!

5) Next, place another piece of plywood on top of these pieces and secure it with screws.

6) While you are already in the process of building your new towel rack, you may as well go ahead and complete it.

Take a look at the materials that you have remaining. You will need a few small pieces to secure the bottom part, but other than that, you can start installing your new rack!

How to Install a Towel Rack in 7 Easy Steps - Picture

7) Find the studs located on the wall behind the drywall.

You should do this before you actually start installing the rack because you could go ahead and mark them. This will help you make sure that you are drilling your screws into a solid surface.

8) Mark where the studs are located using a pen and then use a drill to create a hole.

You can use a regular screw in these holes to secure your rack.

9) Continue drilling and adding screws until the towel rack is fully secure on the wall.

You can then begin loading it up with towels!

There you have it, 9 easy steps to creating your very own towel rack. This is a project that you can tackle in a single afternoon. Remember to always do your research before beginning a home improvement project and to be safe while doing so.

If you don’t have time or simply won’t to create your own towel rack, visit our page for ready-made racks.

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