How to Change an Angle Grinder Wheel

How to Change an Angle Grinder Wheel?

Changing the angle grinder wheel is not difficult. You just need some tools and time. Changing the angle grinder wheel is very easy and it takes less than 30 minutes. If you are looking for something new, then you have come to right place! Let’s get started with changing the angle grinder wheel on your Ryobi grinder or any other type of grinding machine.

What You Need:

A flat surface (like a table) to work on. A drill press or a Dremel tool. A hand drill or a power drill. Some kind of metal file or sandpaper.

A screwdriver.

Step 1: Remove the Screws from the Blade Holder Plate

The first thing you will need to do is remove the screws holding down the blade holder plate on your grinder. You don’t want to lose these screws if you plan on changing the angle grinder wheel.

If you have a Ryobi G3, then there are two screws holding down the blade holder plate. To loosen them, simply pry up on one side of the screw and pull out. If you have a different model, then you may need to use a small flat head screw driver or even a pliers to open up the screw holes.

Step 2: Remove the Blade Holder Plate

After you remove the screw, you can pull up on the blade holder plate and it should pop right off. If you find that it is stuck, then you can gently wiggle it until it comes off. Be warned though, do NOT try to bend or twist this piece. It is made out of a flimsy sheet metal which cannot handle too much force or it will snap.

Step 3: Take out the Old Wheel

Inside of the blade holder plate is your old wheel. Don’t worry, you don’t need to touch it too much to take it out, but there are two ways to do this. The first way is to grip the edges of the outside of the wheel and simply pull it out. This is the easier method, but it can be a little messy and your hands will likely have small pieces of metal sticking to them from the shaving of the wheel.

The alternative method is to reach inside the opening and use a screwdriver or another straight edge to pry out one wedge at a time until it is loose enough to pull out.

Step 4: Install the New Wheel

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Installing the new wheel is just as easy as removing the old one. Simply put the new wheel in the center hole of the blade holder plate and wedge the wedges into position. You can use your screwdriver to gently press down on the wedges until they snap into place. Then, just snap back on the blade holder plate and you are done!

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