Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Review

Hoover Cordless Vacuum Reviews: What Is A Corded Vacuum?

A corded vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner which uses electric current instead of compressed air to suck up dirt and dust from your home or office. They are usually powered by batteries but some models use a small motor to push the handles. Some models even have wheels so they can move around while cleaning. These types of vacuums are called “cordless” because they do not require any cords to operate.

The biggest advantage of a corded vacuum over other types is that it does not create fumes like a traditional one would. Another benefit is that there are no moving parts which means less maintenance and repairs.

However, corded vacuums still emit harmful toxins when used improperly such as breathing them in or touching their power outlets.

Cordless Vacuum Reviews: Best Cordless Vacuum For You?

There are many different brands of cordless vacuum available today. Some are battery operated while others run on gas. There are also models with multiple attachments such as brushes, blades, filters and more. If you’re looking for a new vacuum then it’s important to understand what features make the most difference in your decision making process.

Motor Type

There are currently two different types of cordless vacuum motors in the market today. The first type is a rotating brush motor.

It has a spinning brush on the bottom that scrapes dirt and debris into the center of the vacuum. These types are especially great for picking up pet hair.

The second type uses a centrifugal force design. Air is thrown out from the middle of the base and is forced through a filter to remove any dirt or dust.

These types are usually more powerful than the rotating brush but can only be used on hard surfaces since they do not have a brush head.

Battery Life

The average battery life of a cordless vacuum is anywhere between ten to twenty minutes, however, some models go beyond this time limit. The most important thing to look for in this category is how quickly it takes to fully charge the battery.

The larger and more powerful the battery, the longer it will last.

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The majority of cordless vacuums are equipped to handle different floor types such as carpets, tiles and hardwoods. Some are even designed to clean furniture, stairs and ceilings.

It is important to decide what areas of your home you want to clean before making a final decision.


The lighter the cordless vacuum the easier it is to maneuver and use. If you’re cleaning a large home or office then you will need a model that is durable and won’t break if you accidentally drop it.

Lighter weight models are easier to store but are less powerful and can lack durability. Heavier models are more durable and are better for commercial use, but they are harder to move around.

Bag Type

The most common type of bag is a paper bag that is lined with plastic. This type is cheap to replace but it is not environmentally friendly since you will be throwing away the entire bag after each use.

The other type of bag is a cloth bag which can be washed and reused multiple times before being replaced. It is better for the environment but it can be costly to purchase new bags each time.

Noise Level

The average noise level of a cordless vacuum is between 70 and 90 decibels. This is about as loud as a loud conversation or a lawn mower.

The quieter the model the more comfortable it will be to operate for extended periods of time. However, if you are trying to clean your home or office while everyone is asleep then you will want the louder models since they are more powerful and can suck up larger particles and debris.

Floor Type

Some cordless vacuums can only be used on hard surfaces such as tile or hardwood. Others can also be used on carpets and even upholstery.

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The more types of flooring that a vacuum can clean the more versatile it is and the more you will be able to use it for.

Attachments and Tools

Some cordless vacuums come with extra tools and attachments that allow you to clean more than just the floor. These tools can be used for furniture, blinds, ceilings and other areas that are normally hard to reach.

The better models even feature special tools that will help you remove pet hair or clean delicate surfaces with ease.


One thing you will want to look for in a cordless vacuum is the filtration system used to separate the dust and debris from the air. The two main types of filtration systems are paper and cloth.

Cloth filters are considered superior since they are able to trap more dirt but they are also more expensive to replace and require more maintenance.


Any cordless vacuum that you are considering should come with a warranty. The average warranty for these models is one year, however, some offer up to three years.

This period of time will let you know how confident the manufacturer is about their product. A longer warranty period means that the company has faith that their product is very unlikely to have any problems.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are great for quick cleanups or for small messes that you don’t want to deal with the hassle of wiring a cord and an outlet. These types of models are perfect for small homes or apartments since they are very versatile and easy to use.

Just remember to take the time to find the model that is right for you.

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