Honda EB4000 Portable Generator Review

Honda EB4000 Portable Generator Review: Pros & Cons


1) Affordable Price : You will get a great deal when buying a honda eb4000 portable generator.

They are very affordable compared to other brands of generators. Their price is around $150-$200.

2) Durable : The eb4000 is made from high quality materials such as aluminum, steel, plastic and glass fiber.

These materials provide durability and long life span of the unit.

3) Easy To Use : The eb4000 is easy to operate and maintain.

It comes with a user’s manual which provides detailed instructions on how to use the generator effectively.

4) Compact Size : The eb4000 portable generator is small enough so it can fit into your pocket or bag easily.

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5) Efficient Power Output : The power output of the eb4000 is adequate for most household needs.

6) Reliable : The eb4000 generator is designed to last for many years of use.

It comes with a 5 year warranty.

7) Energy Saving : The eb4000 is energy saving because it uses less electricity than other types of generators.

It saves you money by using less electricity and conserving natural resources like wood, coal, oil, gas etc..

8) Simple Operation : The eb4000 generator requires no special tools to operate it efficiently.

9) Easy To Start : The eb4000 generator starts very easily when you press the start button.


1) Heavy : The weight of the eb4000 generator is a little heavy for some people to lift and carry around.

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The weight is not much of a problem if you only plan to use the unit around your house or property.

2) Loud : The eb4000 generator is a little noisier than other models because it runs on a 4-cycle gasoline engine.

3) Spills Gasoline : Be careful when refueling the eb4000 because gasoline can leak out and cause a fire if you place the unit too close to an open flame such as a candle or match.

4) Emits Fumes : The eb4000 generator will emit some fumes when in use.

Make sure to place the unit in a well ventilated area or only run it in an outdoor environment.

5) Heavy Fuel Oil Smell : The eb4000 generator will have a pungent smell of heavy fuel oil when running for the first few times.

The smell will dissipate over time, however, if you are sensitive to smells you might want to consider this before buying the unit.

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