Hitachi G12SR3 Grinder Review

Hitachi G12SR3 Grinder Review

The Hitachi G12SR3 is a 3 speed electric grinder from Japan which is available in various models. These grinders are popular among home cooks because they have a large capacity and high efficiency. They are easy to use and require no maintenance or adjustments.

These grinders are made of stainless steel with a plastic handle. There are two motors: one for grinding and another for turning the blades. Each motor spins at its own speed, so there is no need to synchronize them; however, it’s best not to overdo it since these grinders don’t have a long life span.

The Hitachi G12SR3 comes with a metal bowl and a ceramic plate. Both of these components are meant to prevent food particles from falling into the motor when grinding. However, the bowls do not completely protect the motor from contamination. If you’re worried about your grinder getting contaminated, then you’ll want to invest in a good quality filter basket like those sold by KitchenAid or Cuisinart.

The blade of the G12SR3 is made of stainless steel with a plastic handle. It is quite easy to change the blade on this grinder – you just need a coin to turn the locking screw. There are several types of replacement blades available, so you can perform various tasks with this single grinder.

If your grinder doesn’t have a metal bowl, then you need to detach it before changing out the blade. Otherwise, the flexible rubber seal that connects the bowl to the motor can get caught on the blade. If this happens, then you’ll need to pull the blade off of the motor spindle before removing the bowl.

The Hitachi G12SR3 has a powerful motor that spins at 1725 RPM. This speed allows it to process most types of food, but it’s not fast enough to grind coffee beans or grains. If you need a grinder for these purposes, then you should look at the Baratza Encore, the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC, or the Capresso 565 Infinity.

The G12SR3 has three speed settings: Low (5 RPM), Medium (1250 RPM), and High (1725 RPM). All of these are quite fast for an electric grinder, so this grinder is well-suited for both fine and coarse grinding.

Although the G12SR3 runs quietly, the motor tends to vibrate quite a bit when set on high. If you’re worried about excessive vibration, then you should look for a heavy-duty stand to place under it.

This grinder is easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning purposes. You should clean the grinder after each use, especially if you’re processing sticky substances like nuts or garlic. If you don’t, then the leftover material will get ground into the motor spindle and prevent it from working properly.

The G12SR3 has a large capacity bowl (4.5 cups), so you can process a good amount of food before having to dump the contents. It’s great for larger recipes and family meals. However, the G12 isn’t really designed for commercial use.

If you’re a caterer or run a restaurants, then you should look at the LEM Products 444830 or the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC.

This grinder is easy to use and requires no maintenance. All you need to do is add food, turn the handle, and lock the bowl into place when you’re done.

The included rubber feet help prevent the grinder from moving around while in use. However, a lot of people still place it on top of a cutting board to prevent accidents.

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This grinder comes with an instruction manual that has some recipes and maintenance tips in it. The recipes are quite useful for people who are just beginning to experiment with grinding their own food, but there are other resources online that have more detailed information.

The G12SR3 has a strong, durable design that is resistant to wear and tear. All of the parts are BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about toxins leaking into your food. The only real maintenance that this grinder requires is to occasionally oil the blade and wash off sticky substances that may have gathered around it.

At Walmart, the G12SR3 is currently listed at $151.97. This price is roughly average for a mid-grade electric food grinder, but you should always shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

The G12SR3 is a heavy duty grinder that comes with a powerful motor and long list of features. It can grind pretty much anything that you can think of, from meat to nuts to vegetables.

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