Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor Review

Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor Review

The Hitachi EC99S is a two stage compressor with a capacity of 9 cubic feet per minute (CFM). It has a maximum speed of 15,000 RPM and uses 0.5 L/min of fuel. It weighs approximately 7 pounds without accessories. The unit comes with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

The EC99S is available in both automatic and manual models. Manual model requires the user to turn the ignition key to ON before starting up the engine. Automatic version does not require any special actions after turning on the ignition key.

In order to operate the EC99S, one must first turn on the vehicle’s ignition switch and then press and hold down on its reset button until it beeps three times indicating that all functions have been completed successfully. After pressing and holding down on the reset button, the EC99S will automatically start up when the ignition key is turned to ON.

The EC99S features a single-stage compressor design. The compressor operates at low pressure while sucking in air through a large intake tube. A turbine drives the compressor which spins a fan to blow out hot exhaust gas from the front end of the unit. In the middle of the compressor section is a single belt, which drives both parts. This compressor is not capable of running without the use of a battery or jumper cables connected to the car’s electrical system.

The EC99S comes with a single dryer and filter that can be removed for cleaning. The filter has a foam sleeve wrapped around it which should be kept clean as well in order to ensure proper filtering. The air intake tube is designed with a twist-locking mechanism which should be undone before attempting to remove the tube.

The EC99S features an automatic on and off switch. If the switch is set to ON, the EC99S will run whenever the engine is on. If it is set to AUTO, the EC99S will only run when the air pressure reaches a minimum threshold which can be adjusted using a manual pressure release switch.

This device requires the use of a battery or jumper cables for it to operate. It can be used to power a wide range of tools and appliances such as electric drills, tire inflators, camping equipment and much more. This unit can also be used in place of a large gas-powered generator for basic operation such as powering a sump pump during an extended power outage.

The EC99S is a very heavy and expensive unit which requires specialized tools and knowledge to repair. Also, the specialized pressure switch must be adjusted periodically to ensure proper operation. For this reason, it is highly recommended that only professionals attempt to repair or service this device.

The EC99S is a professional-grade unit designed for heavy duty operation. It is not intended to be used by hobbyists or homeowners who might only need to power light tools and appliances for short periods of time. For occasional use, a small portable air compressor will work just fine.

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