Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw Review

Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw Review: What’s New?

The new version of the C7SB2 is called “C7SBSB2” (circular saw with automatic safety feature). The new model has a number of improvements over its predecessor. The most significant improvement is the addition of a new blade design which provides better cutting performance at lower speeds.

In order to improve the performance of the blade, it was redesigned from the inside out. The new blade has a hollow core which allows for faster cutting speed due to less friction. Also, there are no sharp edges or points on the edge of the blade.

These features allow for easier maintenance and increased durability.

Another notable improvement is that there is now a metal plate under each side of the handle where a locking mechanism resides to prevent accidental opening during use.

As mentioned before, the new blade design improves cutting performance at low speeds. However, it is not enough to make up for the loss of power when cutting through thicker material. To compensate for this problem, the new model comes equipped with a new blade guard which protects against blades being accidentally cut while chopping wood or other materials.

The new model also includes a few other changes such as improved ergonomics and a revised handle design. The bottom line is that there were enough changes made to the design of this model that Hitachi has given it a whole new model number. The new features make this a definite improvement over the previous design and make it worth buying if you are in the market for a new circular saw.

Using the C7SB2:

The C7SB2 is a basic, practical circular saw that requires no special knowledge to operate. It cuts straight and fast but is not very versatile.

Using the C7SB2 is pretty straightforward. It cuts in both directions (unlike the Milwaukee Hole Hawg), the base and the handle are firmly attached, and the power switch is big and easy to operate even when wearing gloves or mitts. No special knowledge is required to use this tool efficiently.

Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw Review from our website

Cutting straight:

The C7SB2 is a powerful tool that can rip through wood quickly and easily.

This saw has no problem cutting through softwoods such as pine or balsa, nor does it have any trouble with medium density hardwoods such as maple. It struggles a bit with dense woods like oak or ash, but this is to be expected.

One nice feature of this saw is that the blade is fully enclosed within the saw’s casing. This means that the blade doesn’t require any special treatment such as wax coating and the user can’t cut themselves on the blade.

Cutting at an angle:

The C7SB2 isn’t designed to cut at an angle. It is possible to do so by holding the saw at an awkward angle. Most Circular Saws are designed to be tilted for cutting windows and other fixtures in plywood or sheetrock but this one is not.

Cutting through metal:

The teeth on this saw are small and far apart. It is not designed to cut through metal. In fact, it will have trouble cutting anything thicker than soft aluminum.


This saw is not designed to buck logs or other materials. The handle and the base are both fixed in place so that the only motion possible is a forward or backward arc similar to an up and down motion.

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Note: Always wear safety glasses when operating this or any other power tool. Also, do not wear any jewelry or other articles that could get caught up in the teeth of the blade. Loss of life or limb may result.

Buying the C7SB2:

The C7SB2 is a mid-grade tool that is capable of cutting through everyday material quickly and efficiently. It has a high level of safety features that prevent the user from accidentally cutting themselves on the blade while it is in motion, and comes with a five year limited warranty. The price is slightly more than competing models from other companies but you get what you pay for.

The bare tool kit can be purchased for around $200 from various tool outlets. For about $50 extra, Hitachi sells a kit with a carrying case.


There are too many similar models on the market to list them all here. A few other popular makes include Makita, DeWalt, and Porter-Cable.

As I said before, all of these models have their strong points and weak points. It really comes down to personal preference when choosing which one to buy. READ the product reviews on Amazon and elsewhere and you will be better informed to make a decision.

The bare tool market is very competitive so prices are low. You can often find rebates, discounts, and coupon codes that bring the price down even further. If you are a DIY’er or a professional that uses these tools every day, these discounts can really add up.

Buying a Kit vs. Buying the Parts and Making it Yourself:

There are many places online that will sell you a DIY kit for your specific model of drill press. Many of the parts are universal and can be used on other power tools as well. It is also possible to piece together the parts you need from Amazon and your local hardware or home improvement store.

In many cases, buying the parts and building your own tool will actually be cheaper than buying a pre-assembled kit.

Common Problem Areas:

Drill presses are fairly trouble free as tools go, but there are a few things that you should look out for when buying used.

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The first thing is the condition of the belt. The belt is what connects the motor to the bit holder assembly. Over time, this belt will stretch and wear down.

Check to make sure it isn’t shredded or about to break. These are both signs that the belt needs to be replaced soon.

Many manufactures recommend replacing the belt every year under normal usage.

The second thing to look for is the condition of the blade or dado set holder. The teeth on these items are small and fragile so they tend to get damaged easily when working with hard woods. Damage to the blade can cause a fine splintering in the cut that can range from annoying to dangerous.

If the blade is chipped or cracked, throw it away and buy a new one.

The last thing to look for is the condition of the table. The table is what your material rests on top of while you are cutting it. Over time, the surface will get scratched and dinged up from contact with the blade.

While this isn’t a danger to the operator, it will cause problems when trying to achieve a straight cut.

Look over the surface of the table very carefully and make sure it is free of any deep scratches or dents.

Buying used can save you a lot of money if you know what to look for. Even if there are problems, many of them are easy fixes and the parts are cheap to replace.

I hope this information helps you in your quest to buy tools for your workshop. As I said before, these are just my suggestions based on my own experience. Please do more research or ask questions if anything sounds unfamiliar or confusing.

Hitachi C7SB2 Circular Saw Review from our website

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