Hitachi 18V Brushless Band Saw

Hitachi 18V Brushless Band Saw

The Hitachi 18V brushless band saw is one of the most popular models among hobbyists and professionals alike. This model comes with a large power supply, which allows it to cut through wood very easily. There are two different versions of this tool: the 18v and the 20v.

The main difference between them lies in their motor types, which determines how fast they move their blades when cutting through material.

18v Brushless Band Saw – The 18v model features a high-torque motor, which means that it’s able to cut through harder materials like plywood or MDF much faster than its smaller counterpart. However, because of this high torque, the blade speed is slower. If you’re looking for a small band saw that’s easy to operate and doesn’t require any special skills to use, then the 18v model might be just what you need!

20v Brushless Band Saw – The 20v model features a low-torque motor, which means that it cuts through softer materials like wood much easier than its larger sibling. Because of this lower torque, the blade speed is faster. If you’re looking for a large band saw that requires some extra training to operate and isn’t going to break the bank, then the 20v model might be just what you need!

Both of these tools are very useful and can be used to complete a wide range of projects. They’re both sold at a more affordable price than other products on the market, making them two of the best deals in their categories!

If you want to learn more about the differences between the 18v and 20v models or read some helpful guides on how to use these devices, take a look at our website! You can also request a quote for either of these products.

Product Features

Here are some of the most notable features of this product:

The band saw has a long blade stroke of 2.7″, which is perfect for making tight curves.

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Comes with a low-kickback 10″ Oregon replacement saw blade, which ensures user safety.

Has a powerful 15 AMP, 2-1/2 HP industrial-grade motor, which provides more power and allows the blade to cut through harder materials.

The maximum material width that can be cut is 12″.

Equipped with an easy-access tension release and easy blade changes.

Includes an adjustable aluminum shoe, miter gauge and stock support.

Designed with a built-in LED light for improved visibility when working on projects.

The product includes an aluminum carrying case for easy transport and storage.

Both the 20v and 18v versions of this product are available on Amazon.

This is a very sturdy and reliable machine that will last you for many years to come if you take care of it properly.

With a blade stroke of 2.7″, this tool can tackle most projects without any problems. The adjustable shoe and miter gauge allow the user to make precise cuts, and the stock support makes it easy to cut thin pieces of wood.

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The 10″ Oregon blade is very durable and includes teeth that are designed to reduce friction, which prevents the blade from heating up as much.

This saw has a very large and powerful motor that can handle even the hardest woods with ease. It’s also provides more power, which means that the blade speed is lower. Since the blade speed is lower, this can prevent the wood from splintering or cracking as much, making this band saw a great choice for someone who is experienced and wants to work with harder materials.

The carrying case that is included makes it easy to transport this tool from one job site to another.

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