Hitachi 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer

Hitachi 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer: Features & Specifications

The Hitachi 15 gauge cordless nailer features are as follows:

1) High Capacity (15-Gauge)

2) Automatic Operation (No More Need For Manual Operation!)

3) Long Battery Life (Up To 3 Years Of Use!


4) Easy To Operate And Clean!

5) Durable Construction With Strong Metal Body!

6) No Noise Or Smoke!

7) Durable Nails!

(Nylon Nails Are Not Recommended! )

8) Compact Size!

(Small Enough To Fit Into Any Smaller Tool Box!)


Hitachi 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer from our website

Capacity : 15 Gauge Nails Capacity: 1.5 Lb. Nails Weight: 0.10 lbs. Nail Type: Carbide Tip Diameter(mm): 2″ Length(in.): 4″ Width(in.): 1/2″ Thickness(mm): .20″ Noise: No Noise Or Smoke!

Hitachi 15 Gauge Cordless Finish Nailer: Customer Opinions

Great tool, it is light, easy to use and the ability to put in a battery and go is great. I am able to use this tool on my small jobs without the hassle of dragging my compressor and hose around. Great tool also because it uses a standard 15 gauge finish nail. I can reload fast and not have to mess with a separate nail feed. I never liked those as they always jammed up or wouldn’t let you shoot the correct amount of nails.

It works great with the teck-span finish nails that go into hardwood, I also shoot 2.

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