Hitachi 10.8V Cordless Micro Drill/Driver Kit Review

The Power Drill Set Review:

Power drills are very useful tools. They can do many things including drilling holes, cutting wires, etc. However they have limitations like they cannot cut through solid wood or metal. You need to use them with care when using them on sensitive materials such as electrical wiring or other delicate objects which may cause damage if not handled properly.

A good power drill is one that will last a long time and is easy to operate even for beginners. There are several brands of power drills available but there is no way to compare them all since each brand has its own unique features and design. For example, some power drills come with a battery pack while others don’t. Some models can work for years without needing recharging whereas others require regular charging.

There are two types of power drills – corded and cordless. Corded power drills are powered by batteries and can be used anywhere where electricity is available. They are usually smaller than cordless power drills and come with rechargeable batteries. These drills have a shorter working life compared to their cordless counterparts.

Cordless power drills are powered by batteries and require no external equipment to operate. These drills are very convenient to use but require regular charging. Their batteries also drain out after repeated use, and they need to be replaced once they go dead.

Cordless and corded power drills both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the user to decide which one is more suitable based on their needs and preferences.

Cordless drills are more expensive than corded drills but they are also more versatile. They are also very popular due to their convenience when working in awkward spots where there is no power source available.

Drills can be classified by several factors such as size, weight, power, and number of speed settings. There are also other types of power drills such as hammer drills and impact drills. When choosing the right drill for your needs it is important to take into account all these factors. It is also important to go for a reliable brand.

In this case, a cordless drill from an established and trusted brand such as Black and Decker is a good choice.

One cordless drill that comes highly recommended is the Black and Decker LPPK02 Lithium Ion Pole System Drill Kit. This is a cordless drill that uses lithium-ion batteries which are lighter and more compact compared to nickel cadmium and nickle metal hydride batteries. It also has a longer run time. It comes with a charger and a ten-inch extension pole.

It can be used for light to medium duty tasks such as drilling holes, driving screws, and mixing paint. It is also ideal for working in hard to reach areas like under the kitchen sink or inside the attic.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 is a good cordless drill that delivers good performance. It has a keyless chuck which allows users to quickly switch between drill bits without having to use a key. It also has 24 clutch positions which allow users to control the amount of torque going through the drill bit. It is also lightweight at only three pounds making it easy to handle and operate.

Since it uses lithium-ion batteries, it does not have any of the memory effects associated with nickel metal hydride and nickle cadmium batteries. This means that you can charge it anytime regardless of how long it has been since the last time you used it. This drill also has an onboard battery charge indicator which lets you know when the battery needs to be recharged. It also comes with a one year warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship.

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The Black and Decker LPPK02 is a great choice for most DIY projects around the house. It is a good quality cordless drill at a very affordable price.

This cordless drill is great for a range of light to medium drilling and fastening applications. It is also very easy to use even for people who have no experience with power tools. It can be used for projects around the house such as hanging pictures, repairing furniture, putting up curtain rods, assembling wooden toys, and many other projects. It can also be used for light maintenance tasks in and around the house.

Just remember that this cordless drill is not designed to be a professional grade tool or to be used in heavy duty applications. This is not the kind of drill you would want to use for building an addition to your house or for installing a deck. It also might not be powerful enough for some people’s taste.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 comes with a handy extension pole that allows you get to hard to reach places like under the kitchen sink or inside the attic. The pole can be extended up to ten inches allowing you to work in areas that are up to forty inches off the ground. This is especially useful for people who have difficulty bending or who are just tall.

The kit comes with a handy storage caddy that allows you to store the drill and the pole. The caddy also includes a battery charge indicator which tells you when the battery needs to be recharged. It also comes with a one year limited warranty.

This cordless drill is powered by a Black and Decker LXP lithium-ion battery. It is twenty-one volts which puts out two amps of power. This means that it has less power than a lot of other drills, but for most DIY projects it should work just fine. It also comes with a one hour charger which allows you to plug it in and run the tool for up to an hour before you have to recharge it again.

One of the best features of this cordless drill is the keyless chuck. This allows you to quickly and easily switch out drill bits without having to use a chuck key. This reduces the time it takes to switch out drill bits allowing you to work more efficiently.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 also has a feature that allows you to control the amount of torque or twisting power that is going through the bit. At low torque settings the drill is less likely to break through the surface you are drilling into. This makes it perfect for drilling into softer materials like wood where you don’t want to go all the way through. At higher torque settings this drill will easily bore its way through wood, metal, and concrete.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 cordless drill also has a variable speed dial which allows you to easily control the speed with which the bit rotates. This is especially useful when you are starting a hole since you can start off slowly and then increase the speed as the bit cuts deeper and deeper. The slower speeds are also good for driving screws so they don’t end up splitting the wood.

This cordless drill has an ergonomic shape that allows you to hold it in a way that reduces wrist strain. It also has an onboard bit holder which stores one drill bit at a time. This allows you to keep your drill bits organized and within easy reach.

This cordless drill is powered by a battery which plugs into the wall and then slides into the bottom of the tool. This means that you never have to mess around with fuel cells or finding an outlet; you just plug it in and go.

The cordless drill has two main features which are the keyless chuck and variable speed trigger. The chuck is what holds the drill bit in place and allows you to quickly and easily insert and remove the bit without any tools whatsoever. This keyless chuck has an adjustable collar that can be tightened down on the bit to keep it from slipping while in use.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 cordless drill is a portable power tool with two speeds and an adjustable torque setting. It is lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for doing jobs around the house and yard.

Included Accessories

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The Black and Decker LPPK02 comes with two double-ended hexagonal drill bits. These are stored in the onboard bit holder which is located above the battery. This cordless drill also comes with a carrying case so you can easily take it with you from job site to job site.

Pros and Cons

There are quite a few benefits to owning and using the Black and Decker LPPK02. For one, it is lightweight and compact, making it easy to hold and use for extended periods of time without getting wrist or arm fatigue. The low weight also means that even if you have to drill through harder materials you won’t get as tired as you would with some other cordless drills.

Since it is small and lightweight it also is very portable. You can easily take it with you to different job sites so you never have to go without your drill bits or other tools. Since it uses a standard 110 outlet you can also take it into the garage or basement and use just the drill while leaving the battery in the rest of the time to save on battery power.

The chuck is keyless which makes changing bits quick and easy. You don’t need any tools to tighten or loosen the chuck so you can start drilling as soon as you have everything set up. The adjustable clutch allows you to control how much the bit spins so that you can precisely control the drilling action. This is very helpful when you are starting a hole because it prevents the bit from simply grabbing the material and ripping it out of your hands.

The Black and Decker LPPK02 is not without its faults however. It is not the most powerful or toughest drill out there so you will want to avoid using it on masonry materials. It also tends to overheat fairly quickly when used continuously for long periods of time.


The Ryobi P335 is very similar to the Black and Decker LPPK02 in many ways. They have the same power and run off of the same battery, and they both are lightweight and easy to handle. The only real difference is that the Ryobi P335 has a keyless chuck as well. This may be a deciding factor in your choice since the Black and Decker LPPK02 needs an allen wrench to tighten and release the chuck.

The PORTER-CABLE PCB560LA is slightly heavier than the Black and Decker LPPK02 but that is because it includes a Lithium-Ion battery as opposed to the NiCad batteries used in the previous two drills. It also has a keyless chuck like the Ryobi but has a different adjustable clutch than either. If you need something with more power for drilling masonry materials then this is a good choice but it is heavier and pricier than the other two.

Tips and Tricks

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When drilling wood or metal, it is usually best to use these materials as a guide when starting the hole. This will prevent the drill from grabbing the material and causing it to heat up and even possibly cause you to lose control of it.

When drilling into stone, concrete, or any other hard material, it is best to use a smaller bit (between 1/4″ and 1/2″) until the hole is started and then switch to a larger bit. This will prevent the bit from grabbing the material and ripping it out of your hands.

Do not press down too hard on the drill while it is in use. This will cause it to overheat and can even become hot enough to cause a burn. Always allow the drill to do the work by keeping a firm grip but not jamming it into the work.

If you see or feel heat while using the drill, stop using it until it cools down. Continued use can lead to an electrical fire which could cause serious injury or worse.

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