Hilti Tracefast Traceable Fasteners

Hilti Tracefast Traceable Fasteners are a brand name of the company Hilti. They are made in Germany. They have been around since 2005. Their products are available in different sizes. They come in both flat and round heads. These tools are used for attaching various things such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers or other fasteners to surfaces like wood, metal or plastic.

The tool comes with two types of head: Phillips and flathead. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to screwing into hard materials such as steel or aluminum.

Phillips head is designed for use on smooth surfaces such as wood, plastic or metal. Flathead is designed for use on rough surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone or other non-smooth materials.

In general, Phillips head will work better than flathead. It is important to know which type of fastener and which type of screwdriver you are using.

It not only makes a difference in the tool you are using, it also makes a difference in how much pressure you are exerting when you turn the tool.

While it can be a bit confusing to the average do-it-yourselfer, the main thing to keep in mind is that most screws will work with most types of screwdrivers – but not all.

Let’s start with the most common screwdriver and that’s the Phillips head.

The flathead or phillips?

That is the question!

When choosing which type of screwdriver to use, you have two choices: flathead or phillips. Each has its pros and cons for particular materials or surfaces.

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with choosing a flathead screw over a phillips.

Let’s start with the flathead. It looks like this:

The flathead screwdriver is designed for use on flat surfaces such as wood, plastic, or metal (i.e., a steel deck railing).

They’re also good to use with rough or irregular surfaces because the extra surface area helps create more friction to prevent the driver from slipping out of place.

Flathead drivers are also known as standard or straight blade drivers.

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The disadvantage of a flathead driver is that it can only be used on a flat surface. If the screw you are trying to tighten or loosen has a phillips head, you won’t be able to use this type of driver.

If you have a choice, choose the flathead driver instead of the phillips. Unless you’re trying to remove a phillips head, in which case you’ll need the phillips head screwdriver.

The phillips head looks like this:

This type of screwdriver is designed for use in a phillips head screw. They come in different sizes from small to large (listed from smallest to largest).

The advantage of the phillips head screw is that it can be used on many different types of materials or rough surfaces. It’s great on hard to reach places because you can get in and out of those tight spaces with no problem.

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