Hilti SF 10W-A22 ATC 4-Speed Cordless Drill

Hilti SF 10W-A22 ATC 4-Speed Cordless Drill Review: Specifications & Features

The Hilti SF10W-A22 ATC 4 Speed Cordless Drill is a compact, powerful, and reliable corded drill with a unique design. It features a motorized chuck that allows it to work faster than other drills while still maintaining the same level of precision. With its large capacity (2.5 cu ft. / 1 kg) and easy to use controls, it makes it easier to do your job.

It comes with a 3 year warranty, which means if anything goes wrong with the tool, they will replace it for free! You can read more about their warranty here.


· Compact size – fits easily into any small spaces; no need to take up too much room when working in tight spaces or cramped areas.

· Powerful motor – gives you fast and accurate drilling results.

· Easy to use controls – allows you to control the speed of the drill quickly and precisely.


Power: 2.5 Volts DC Motor, 1200 Watts (1 Amp) Output Voltage, 0-50 RPM, 12 VDC Power Consumption: 45 Watt Hours/Hour Operating Temp.

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