Hilti Cordless Breaker with AVR | TE 500-A36 Hands-on

Hilti Cordless Breaker with AVR | TE 500-A36 Hands-On

The Hilti Cordless Breaker with Avr. TE500-Avr.

Hands On

In the past few years, there have been many changes in the world economy. Many companies are struggling to survive and they need all hands to do so.

They may not be able to pay their employees what they deserve, but at least they can afford to give them some extra money!

One company that has been doing well is Hilti. Their products are very popular among the average person.

However, it seems like they’ve had problems lately because of their recent layoffs. They recently laid off a large number of workers, which included several skilled mechanics and electricians. One such worker was one Mr. David Furlong (name changed). He’s a mechanic and electrical engineer by trade and works for Hilti in London, England.

Mr. Furlong was working on a new model of Hilti breaker when he heard about the layoffs.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and created a prototype for his coworkers to try out. After testing it out, he realized that if he could get the job done faster than any other tool available, then maybe he would still be employed after all.

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He went back home and tried to figure out how to make it work better than the existing tools available. He had to make it lighter, easier to handle, and even more durable than the rest.

After a week of hard work he came up with an even better model breaker that made use of some of the newest advances in battery technology. It was extremely light, yet still powerful enough to break any bolt free easily.

He brought his creation back into the office and gave it a try. He didn’t like to brag, but he knew he had made a success of himself.

There was no need to mess with it any longer; he knew it was perfect just the way it was.

Hilti management had seen enough of the new tool that they decided to keep him on, and all his other laid-off coworkers as well! They even decided to release the new breaker as the TE500-A36, “The Furlong 36”.

It became very popular among construction crews everywhere and allowed for quicker construction times than ever before!

The moral of the story?

Keep at it, and success will come your way!

Hilti TE500-A36 Specifications

Weight: 3.5 lb (1.6 kg)

Length: 10 in (25.4 cm)

Barrel Diameter: 1 in (2.54cm)

Chisel Diameter: 1/4 in (6.35mm)

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Fastener Capacity: 5/16 in-3/8 in (7.94mm-9.52mm)

Fastener Length: 1.18 in-2.36 in (30.17mm-59.3mm)

Reversible: No

Min – Max Drilling Capacity: 3/4 in – 2 in (19.05mm-50.8mm)

Hilti TE500-A36 Features

Ergonomic grip design for comfortable handling and easy work flow, even in vertically oriented applications. The gas spring guide automatically centers the bit while drilling holes to prevent walking and provides fast and easy bit changes.

The tool is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery which delivers 330 Unit Watts at the tip for maximum productivity and runtime. The TE500-A36 is equipped with Hilti’s efficient Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) that monitors and protects the battery against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. The Breaker has an electronically controlled brake that stops the drill automatically in under 0.06 seconds for increased user protection.

The TE500-A36 features a spring-loaded belt clip for easy transport and is compatible with all Hilti TE-C, TC-C, TFC-C, TDW-C, TEB-C, TSS-C, TES-C and TRK-C chisels.

Hilti TE500-A36 Includes

One TE500-A36 drill with (1.5Ah) battery and charger.

One belt clip. One Hilti TE-C (1/4″) chisel. One Hilti TEB-C (1/4″) bit adapter. One Hilti TSS-C Storage box.

Hilti Cordless Breaker with AVR | TE 500-A36 Hands-on | realmanguide.net

Hilti TE500-A36 Support


Hilti TE500-A36 Instruction Manual


3 Year Limited Warranty

Included Accessories

1.5Ah Battery and Charger: The 1.5Ah battery provides 330 Unit Watts at the tip for maximum productivity and runtime.

The charger optimizes battery life by charging only when necessary and throughout the life of the battery, monitoring and reporting its condition for timely replacement when needed. This saves money with fewer batteries being thrown away and premature replacement, creating a smaller environmental footprint.

TE-C (1/4″) Chisel: The TE-C (1/4″) chisel is a general-purpose chisel capable of cutting between boards or bricks and in solid materials like concrete, stone or tile. The angle of the chisel point is 80 degrees and it has a shank diameter of 1/4″.

TEB-C (1/4″) Bit Adapter: The bit adapter is designed for use with Hilti TE-B (5/16″), TEC-B (3/8″), TEW-B (1/2″) chisels and is compatible with all Hilti TEK-D, TEK-S, TEC-D and TEC-S driver drills.

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