Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 Review

Hilti SR6-A22 Review

The Hilti SR6-A22 is a small but powerful reciprocating saw with a 22v brushless motor. Its compact size makes it suitable for tight spaces or even under the kitchen sink. The power supply comes from two 18650 batteries which are not included in the box, so you’ll have to buy them separately (or get some spare ones).

As far as features go, the SR6-A22 is equipped with a large cutting surface, a quick change blade holder, an integrated stand and a convenient carrying handle. You can use it in any environment where you need to cut through wood or plastic easily. However, its high price tag might make you think twice before buying one.

At $299 USD, it’s definitely not cheap!


Compact size and light weight make it perfect for small spaces.

Blade changes are fast and easy. The blades last longer than other reciprocating saws. They’re made of hardened steel, so they won’t rust like cheaper models do.

You can keep using them after years of regular use without worrying about breaking them.

It cuts through most materials including wood, plastic, cardboard and metal very well.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 Review - realmanguide.net

The battery life lasts for a long time so you can use it all day without stopping.

It’s compatible with all standard blades and replacement batteries are easy to find. You can even buy an AC charger for it.


It has a really high price tag. You can get other reciprocating saws of great quality for less than $100. This one is twice the price of most high-end models.

However, the extra features like the blade changing mechanism and the battery life make it worth the higher price.

It can be a little too small for some users. If you have big hands, you might find it a little difficult to handle.

It’s a cordless model so you obviously can’t use it without battery power or a power source nearby.

While the integrated blade changing mechanism is convenient, it makes the entire thing feel a bit flimsy. It’s best to take extra care when using it.

Comparison With The Hilti SR 6-C2S

The Hilti SR6-A22 and the Hilti SR6-C2S are both brushless reciprocating saws with great battery life. They both come with a carrying case and two batteries. They’re also pretty much the same size and weight.

Hilti 22V Reciprocating Saw With AVR SR 6-A22 Review - realmanguide.net

The biggest difference is that the SR6-A22 has a quick change blade mechanism while the -C2S doesn’t have that feature. In addition, while the SR6-C2S is cheaper than the A22, it’s still quite a bit more expensive than other high-end models.

The SR6-C2S is more durable because it doesn’t have the integrated blade mechanism, however, the blades are pretty easy to change on the A22 model. This makes up for its lack of durability so it all depends on what features are more important to you. If you do a lot of cutting, the integrated blade mechanism will get a lot of use so it might not hold up as well in the long run.

The bottom line is that both are great reciprocating saws. The biggest decision is whether or not you really need the quick change blade feature.

Final Verdict

The Hilti SR6-A22 is an excellent reciprocating saw that’s designed for both industrial and home use. It’s a high-end tool that’s easy to use and works great on a variety of materials. The quick change blade mechanism makes changing blades really easy so you spend more time working and less time fumbling with your saws.

The biggest downside is the price. At nearly $300, it’s far more expensive than most other reciprocating saws of similar quality. It’s also a little on the small side for users with big hands so if that’s you, you might want to look for an alternative.

All in all, this is a very good reciprocating saw that comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s a great investment if you have the money and need something durable and reliable.

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