Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review

Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review

The Hilti brand is known for their high quality products at affordable prices. They are one of the most popular brands among hobbyists and professionals alike. Their line of corded tools includes everything from screwdrivers to wrenches, pliers, tweezers, a variety of bits and even a nail file! You can get them all here at Amazon or direct from Hilti directly.

Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review: Pros & Cons


Highly rated cordless tools with good reviews. High quality materials and workmanship. Good price point. Great customer service.

Cons: Some of the tools don’t have a warranty, but they’re easy to fix if you contact Hilti first.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review: Features & Specs


12 Volt Cordless Drill – Comes with a 1/4″ bit adapter so you can use your own drill bits. The tool comes with a 2-year limited warranty. This is the only cordless drill model that comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

12V Impact Driver – The 12V impact driver is the most popular and versatile of all the Hilti cordless tools. It’s a high-end professional grade model with a 3 year limited warranty.

12V Reciprocating Saw – The reciprocating saw is used for cutting drywall, wood, plastic, metal and more. It has an ergonomic handle for better control and handling.

12V Circular Saw – The circular saw is a 12V model that’s lightweight and easy to use. It’s great for cutting wood, plywood, drywall, and other building materials. It can also be used to cut aluminum and brass pipes up to 3″ in diameter.

12V LED Spotlight – Has bright white LEDs for long lasting life and 0-100% dimming. It also has an integrated hanging hook for hands-free jobs.

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12V Carrying Case – All of the above tools and batteries can be stored safely in the lightweight carrying case. It has enough room for all of your Hilti cordless power tools and batteries.

Hilti 12V Charger – This battery charger can charge up to 4 batteries at one time. It has a fan to prevent overheating, even when it’s charging 4 batteries at the same time.

Hilti Batteries – The batteries for the Hilti cordless tools are made in Germany and come with a 2-year limited warranty. Batteries last on average 3,000 charges before they need to be replaced. Each battery can be charged 500 times before it needs to be replaced.

Hilti 12V Brushes – These brushes are meant to be used with the 12V impact driver only. They’re made in Germany and have a 2-year limited warranty.

Hilti Attachments – These are some of the more popular attachments for the Hilti cordless tools. They include the following:

SDSPlus Rotary Drill Bit – Used for drilling holes in tile, glass, granite and other hard floors and surfaces. It’s also great for drilling into porcelain fixtures and toilets.

Metal Rotary Drill Bit – This bit is great for drilling holes in metal studs, beams and pipes up to 2″.

Glass Drill Bit – This bit is used for drilling into fiberglass, wood, and acrylic. It can also be used to drill holes in window glazing and glass blocks.

Metal Cutting Blade – This blade is used for cutting into metal studs, beams, pipes and other hard metals.

Sliding Cutting Blade – This blade is used for cutting drywall, plywood, particle board and other soft metals.

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Toggle Action Drill Bit – This bit is used for drilling into wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass and more.

Pros & Cons of Hilti 12V Tools

The major benefit of Hilti cordless tools is that they have great quality batteries that can last up to 3,000 charges before they need to be replaced. The battery-operated tools also have a long reach, so you don’t have to keep unplugging and replugging them in. They’re highly efficient for drilling into concrete, metal studs, drywall, plywood, wood and more.

The main drawback is the cost of the tools and replacement batteries. The Hilti cordless tools are very expensive. The batteries are also very expensive. They can cost between $100 and $200 each (depending on the type of battery).

These tools are also not as well-known in the United States, so you may have a hard time finding service centers and replacement parts if you ever need them.

While these tools are great for professional tradespeople, their high cost is going to keep them out of most DIYers’ budgets.

Some of the Hilti cordless tools can be rented. This might be a good idea if you only need a particular tool for a short period of time.

Hilti 12V Tool Reviews

Hilti PC1500 Review – This is a popular SDS Plus rotary hammer that has a lot of power and great battery life. It’s very durable and less prone to breaking or malfunction than the other tools in this category.

Hilti TE-CD 1700 Review – This is one of the most popular and highest-rated cordless drills on the market. It has a very strong motor that provides a lot of power, has 2 speeds (0-400 & 0-1100 RPM), and a great battery that lasts for hours on a single charge.

Hilti TE-CU 1700 Review – This is one of the most popular and highest-rated impact drivers on the market. It has a great weight and length, so it’s easy to control and has less “jar” when it hits the fastening points. It also has good battery life and a built-in LED light.

Hilti TE-CS 150 RE Review – This is another popular cordless screwdriver that has a high rate of customer satisfaction. It’s lightweight and compact, yet heavy duty, so it’s easy to use for long periods of time. It has a great battery life and is more affordable than most cordless screwdrivers.

Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review from our website

Hilti TE-CU 250 RE Review – This cordless drill is also very popular because of its strong motor and battery life. It can drill through masonry with ease and has a keyless chuck for easy bit changes. It has 2 speeds (0-400 & 0-1100 RPM) for more control while drilling.

Hilti TE-CS 350 RE Review – This cordless combo kit has everything you need to do most jobs around the house. It has great battery life and is more affordable than most other Hilti cordless combo kits. The impact driver is very popular because it has less “jar” when it hits the fastening points, so it’s not as tiring to operate.

How Much Do Hilti Tools Cost?

Hilti tools are expensive. The average price of a cordless tool is around $400. The impact driver is the most expensive tool at just over $600, and the least expensive tool is the impact wrench at about $400.

The most popular cordless rotary hammer drill is the PC 18 LT-Q at about $900. It has great battery life and is much less prone to breakage than other cordless rotary hammers in this class.

The cordless combo kits all cost around $1000. The most popular one is the TE-CSK 250 at just under $1100. It has a great assortment of tools for most homeowners and the battery life is very good.

When you’re looking at the prices of the Hilti cordless tools, you need to also consider the battery and charger costs. The batteries and chargers can cost as much as the tools themselves, especially the popular lithium-ion ones.

If you want to buy Hilti tools for your home, expect to pay at least $1500 for a good quality, versatile set.

What Do I Get For My Money?

Hilti is a reliable tool brand that is known for its great quality power tools. They are more expensive than most other tool brands, but Hilti power tools are very durable and last much longer than others.

Hilti’s cordless rotary hammer drills are less prone to breakage and have longer battery life than other cordless rotary hammers. They are great for drilling through masonry with ease.

Hilti’s cordless impact drivers have less “jar” when they hit the fastening points, so they’re much less tiring to use than others.

Hilti’s cordless combo kits are very versatile and have great battery life. They also have the most necessary tools to do most types of jobs around the house.

A List Of The Best Hilti Tools

Customer Reviews For Hilti Tools

These Hilti power tools have a very high rate of customer satisfaction. Most of the cordless tools have 4.8 stars or above after around 150 reviews on Amazon.

The corded rotary hammer drills are very popular and have a great track record of positive reviews. The most popular one, the PC 12, has 4.8 stars after more than 100 reviews on Amazon. Homeowners like this tool because it works very well and lasts longer than most other brands.

Hilti 12V Cordless Tools Review from our website

The cordless impact drivers have around 4.5 stars after more than 50 reviews. Users like the light weight and low vibration because it’s much less tiring to use than other brands.

Cordless combo kits have around 4.6 stars after around 100 reviews. Homeowners like the high power and good battery life of these tools. They’re versatile enough for most jobs around the home.

Where Can I Find These Hilti Tools?

You can find these cordless Hilti tools at most home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes, as well as other tool specialty stores. You can also find them online at stores like Amazon.

Corded rotary hammer drills can also be found at most of the same stores. They’re great for drilling through masonry because of their power and long lasting motors.

If you already own a Hilti tool, you can buy the batteries and chargers online or at most home improvement stores.

How Much Do Hilti Power Tools Cost?

The cordless combo kits range in price from $900 to $1,200. They also have additional tool kits that include the popular lithium-ion batteries and charger, which can cost around $800 by themselves.

Cordless impact drivers cost around $800. If you want a set that includes the lithium-ion battery and charger, expect to pay around $1,000.

Cordless rotary hammer drills cost around $800. If you want to buy a set that includes the lithium-ion battery and charger, expect to pay around $1,000.

Corded rotary hammer drills cost around $200. The sanding, cutting, and grinding attachments cost between $60 and $100 each.

Hilti is a brand that has been around for many years and it’s still just as popular as ever. Their cordless power tools are well made and very durable, so they can withstand the everyday use that a professional contractor or homeowner throws at it. Many of their tools have lithium-ion batteries, which are known to have longer life and can be recharged much more often than other types of batteries. They also have a patented cooling system to keep the battery from getting too hot, which leads to a longer life.

These power tools are completely made in Switzerland, so you know they’re high quality. Many of them can drill through masonry faster and more efficiently than other brands. This saves the user time and money because they don’t need to get a drill bit sharpened as often. They’re also much lighter weight than other brands, which makes them easier to use for longer periods of time.

Hilti stands behind their tools with a three-year limited warranty. If you buy one of their power tools and it breaks because of a manufacturing defect, they’ll replace it. Keep your receipt in case the tool breaks and you need to make a warranty claim.

These cordless power tools only come with one battery and charger, so you may want to buy more so you have one ready to go at all times. Some people buy an extra battery along with a second charger so they can charge one while using the other. If you only own one tool that uses this battery, it’s probably not cost-effective to buy two batteries and chargers, but it’s up to you.

Even though these tools are made for professional contractors who use them all day long, homeowners have claimed that they’re just as thrilled with these cordless power tools as the pros are. They’re lightweight and powerful so you can drill through masonry without a problem. Even though they are expensive, most people believe they’re worth it because they normally last for years and years with no problems at all.

A lot of people believe that these cordless power tools are the best ones on the market and that they’re well worth the price. Of course, they are much more expensive than other brands but you definitely get what you pay for in this case. If you were only going to buy one power tool, and you were going to buy a cordless one, this is the brand you should buy because you won’t be disappointed.

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When you use these cordless power tools, you’ll quickly see why they have such a great reputation. They’re also made to be eco-friendly; their batteries are recyclable and they don’t contain any Cadmium, which is a toxic material found in some batteries. More power tool manufacturers should follow Hilti’s green initiative!

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