Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Max Vs DeWalt 20V Max Impact Driver


The following are high quality materials used in this article. They have been tested for strength and durability. These items were chosen because they meet or exceed industry standard requirements.

1) Steel – High Strength steel (HT) is the most common material used in construction, engineering, automotive, medical devices and other industries where strength is required.

HT is strong enough to support the weight of heavy tools, but light enough to easily move around.

2) Aluminum – Aluminium is lightweight yet durable, making it ideal for use in many applications such as kitchen appliances and toys.

It’s easy to work with and extremely corrosion resistant.

3) Plastic – Plastics are commonly used in household products like food containers, plastic bottles and cups.

They’re flexible yet sturdy, so they don’t break when dropped from great heights.

4) Copper – Copper is an alloy of copper and zinc.

It’s used in electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures and water heaters. It’s very hard and resists rusting.

5) Brass – Brass is a metal made up of two parts: a base metal called tin (Tin) which gives brass its color; and another element called chromium (Cr), which makes it sparkle when struck by lightning.

6) Bronze – Bronze is a metal alloy made up of 85% copper (Cu) and 15% tin (Sn).

It has been used for thousands of years. The oldest bronze artifacts in the world are from the ancient civilization of Sumeria.

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