Hammerhead HCID120 Impact Driver/Auto Hammer

Hammerhead HCID120 Impact Driver/Auto Hammer Description:

The Hammerhead HCID120 Impact Driver/Auto Hammer is a high quality tool designed to provide maximum control over your golf shots. It’s designed with the golfer in mind, so it provides all the power needed to hit every shot you want. You will not have any problem hitting your best shots with this hammerdriver!

It comes with a variety of different tips which are made from stainless steel. These tips come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The tip is held in place by two screws at the top of the handle. There are no sharp edges or points on these screws, so they won’t cause damage to your hands if you accidentally bump them while using this golf club.

The hammer head itself is made from hardened steel. The head is very heavy, but it still feels light enough to swing around. The weight of the head helps make sure that you don’t lose grip when making contact with the ball. This makes it easier for you to keep your balance and control when playing golf.

There are four different types of holes on which you can play with this hammerdriver: fairway woods, rough greens, par 3s and par 5s. Each head is labeled with the type of golf course on which you can use it. You can use the same hammerhead for all four types of play, or you can mix and match different heads with each type of golf course.

It’s important to take good care of your golf clubs so that they’ll last for as long as possible. Try to avoid getting them wet whenever possible.

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