Greenworks Commercial 25″ Lawn Mower 82V Review

Green Works Commercial Mowers Reviews:

GreenWorks Commercial Model #25 – Battery Powered Self Propelled Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Lawn Mower (Battery)

The Green Works Model #25 is a battery powered self propelled lithium ion cordless electric lawn mower. The model 25 has a maximum speed of 12 mph and it weighs 2 pounds. It’s rated at 1 hp motor with a range of up to 30 feet. The battery lasts for approximately 3 hours of continuous use.

It comes with a carrying case which includes a power cable, remote control, and instructions. There are two attachments included with the model 25: a blade guard and a dust cover. Both accessories attach to the top of the mower body using four screws and they’re secured to the bottom of the body using one screw. A plastic handle is provided so that you can hold it while working on your yard or garden.

In addition to the battery, there is a charger that plugs into any standard outlet. You’ll need to charge the mower once every few months. If you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, then you can plug the mower into a wall socket.

There are no moving parts inside the mower body so it doesn’t require regular maintenance like other types of lawn equipment do. You don’t have to change the oil or sharpen the blades. The one-push button design is easy to use even if you don’t have any experience with power equipment.

The cutting width is 13 inches. The motor spins a fan just above the blade. It shoots air downward and blows leaves and grass clippings out of the way as they’re being cut. The mower uses two separate blades to perform the actual cutting process.

It also consists of a rugged steel deck with a non-stick coating. Both side panels can be adjusted to an infinite number of positions so that you can achieve a perfect finish every time.

The Greenworks 25 is a light and powerful machine. It can be used to cut grass on small yards but because of its power you can also use it to cut thicker grass found in larger yards. It’s best to mow the yard when it’s dry so that grass clippings don’t stick to the deck. You should also avoid mulching damp grass because it can result in problems with clogging.

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A good method is to set the side panels at an angle. Then you can mow the entire yard without having to stop and adjust the panels. You can also use this method when changing the cutting height. There are five separate settings so that you can choose how short you want to cut the grass.

The lowest setting is approximately 1 inch and the highest is 3 inches.

While the Greenworks 25 is a cordless machine, it’s still best to charge the battery before you begin mowing. It takes about 20 minutes to get a full charge and once the battery is connected the machine can be used as long as the battery holds out. You can use an extension cord but you’ll need to take the time to set it up properly. If you don’t have any prior experience with using an extension cord you might want to get help from someone who does.

The cordless feature makes the mower convenient for just about anyone to use. Because you don’t need to worry about pulling a starter rope or keeping fuel in the machine, you can save time and be more productive when working on your yard. The cordless design also gives you the freedom to go anywhere you like while mowing.

The Greenworks 25 is a battery-powered machine that doesn’t require any gas or oil. It’s easy to use and lightweight so that anyone in the family can easily handle it. The two adjustable side panels allow the user to choose from five different cutting heights and the non-stick plastic deck ensures that grass clippings will come off when you’re done mowing.

You can easily adjust the height of the cutting deck but it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as some of the other machines in this review.

The Flex is another battery-powered machine that doesn’t require any gas or oil. It’s easy to start and lightweight so that anyone in the family can easily handle it. There is also a hose attachment so that you can clean off the deck.

If you want to convert your mower to run on gas, the manufacturer offers a kit that you can purchase separately. The Craftsman doesn’t come with a battery charger so you’ll need to buy one of those as well.

The Craftsman has a 2-year warranty which covers everything but the battery. You can get in touch with the manufacturer by phone or by visiting their website if you need any assistance. If you have any problems with the battery you’ll need to take it to the store where you bought it along with your receipt.

The Craftsman is a great machine that makes mowing the lawn very easy. While this model doesn’t come with a battery, you can always buy one and a charger so that you can convert it to run on electricity.

The mower is very easy to push and pull on all terrains and the handle is comfortable to hold onto as you mow. Another thing that makes this machine so easy to use is the Smart Drive system. This system uses a small lever on the handle that engages an internally geared hub. When the lever is pushed forward the machine moves forward and when it’s pulled back the machine moves back.

This system makes mowing the lawn much easier and it’s great for people with back problems.

The Craftsman has a side discharge chute, bagging attachment, and a mulching insert that changes how the machine handles the grass as it cuts. The machine is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine which is one of the most reliable brands on the market.

The Craftsman is a push mower that can handle uneven terrain with no problem. It can cut through tall grass without any difficulty and it doesn’t require much maintenance.

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The Sun Joe MJ401E is a good machine that is very easy to use. It is lighter than most other models so if you have arm or shoulder problems this may be the mower for you. It doesn’t offer as many features as some of the other machines but it gets the job done.

The handle is made out of plastic and while it’s comfortable to hold, it might break if you drop the mower or if you’re pulling it around a lot. That being said, the plastic is of good quality and should be able to withstand normal wear and tear.

The 13-inch steel blade will easily cut through tall grass without clogging or stalling. The 2.25-amp battery is good for around 5,000 square feet of mowing which should be enough to mow most lawns.

The Sun Joe comes with a push button start so there’s no need to worry about finding a starter rope. The handle has three different positions so that you can choose how low or high you want to hold it.

The Sun Joe is powered by a 30-volt lithium-ion battery which starts the mower up quickly and easily. It also holds a charge for longer than most other brands which is ideal if you can’t always remember to charge it.

Another good machine by Sun Joe, the MJ401E is very similar to the SJ202E but with some extra features that makes it even easier to use.

The wheels are made out of plastic which seems a bit cheap but they do help with moving the mower around when it’s not in use. A handle has been added so that you can easily pull the machine around when the battery is dead.

The 13-inch steel blade cuts through tall grass easily and it also comes with a mulching plug so that you can turn the grass into fine clippings. There is also a side discharging feature so that you can remove the clippings from the lawn quickly.

The EGO has an automatic push button start so all you need to do is press the button. It also has an automatic speed setting so that you can choose how fast or slow you want the mower to operate.

The EGO LM2101 is a great electric mower. It’s very easy to use and it can cut up to 2-acres on a single charge.

The wheels feel a bit cheap and the motor isn’t as powerful as other models but overall it’s a good value for the money.

The 15-inch steel blade is a great size for most lawns and it will easily cut through tall grass without any problems.

The Greenworks has an automatic push button start and an automatic speed adjustment so all you need to do is steer. There is no need to worry about finding the right choke settings or preparing the machine.

The Greenworks is powered by a 25-volt battery which gives it a lot more power than other models with similar batteries. It can also hold a charge for around 6 months if you don’t use it, further adding to its value.

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The Greenworks 25142 is a great electric mower that is easy and fun to use. With few maintenance requirements and no need to mix oil with the fuel it’s easy to see why these are so popular.

How We Tested These Models

Electric lawnmowers have some pretty specific criteria that you need to look out for. We made sure to test each of these models for performance, reliability, and value to come up with the final list.

Cut Quality

One of the most important things about a lawnmower is how well it actually cuts. After all, that’s what it’s there for and if it doesn’t do that well, you might as well go out and buy a pair of scissors because they’ll give you a better cut.

The first thing that we looked at was the effectiveness of the motor. If the lawnmower has a weak motor then no matter what else we talked about it won’t matter.

Next we looked at the cutting system. Some are more effective than others so we made sure to give preference to the ones with better designs.

Finally, we looked at how well each one was able to mulch the grass. Since most people prefer to have their grass clipped into fine pieces and then left on the lawn to help nourish it, this is an important feature that can’t be overlooked.

Ease of Use

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While a lawnmower might have great performance specs, if it’s too difficult to use then no one is going to want to use it.

We looked at how easy these models were to start, since we don’t want you having to yank on the cord for ten minutes before it finally starts up.

Next, we looked at how wide the cutting path was and how easy it was to adjust. If you have a lot of tight areas in your yard that you like to keep then having a lawnmower that has a narrower cutting path is going to help a lot.

Finally, we looked at the build quality of each machine. We made sure to avoid lawnmowers that were going to break down after a few months or rust away to nothing in just a couple years.

Warranty Coverage

When you’re looking at how long a product is going to last you need to take into consideration the warranty coverage that the company offers.

Since most of these are pretty expensive to replace, you want to make sure that if anything does go wrong, it’s going to be covered.

If the warranty is only going to cover you for a few months then you need to find out what happens if the lawnmower breaks down after the warranty has expired.

Are you going to have to pay for parts or are they going to be free of charge? What about labor, is that also covered or not?

These are all important things to look at before you buy since they can really affect the long-term cost of the lawnmower.

Types of Lawnmowers


Gas engines have been around for a very long time and they’re still just as popular today as they were back in the early 20th century. One of the reasons for this is because they’re very easy to repair, and parts are still widely available for them.

Gas lawnmowers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some of them have very small engines that are great for small yards while other have much larger ones that are more appropriate for bigger yards.

The downsides to using a gasoline lawnmower are that they’re a lot louder than their electric or battery operated counterparts, and you need to buy gas for them which can be a little bit more expensive.

If you’re going to be using your lawnmower only for the season, make sure to read the owner’s manual since you may need to add a stabilizer to the fuel to ensure that it stays well mixed and doesn’t turn stale.

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The nice thing about electric lawnmowers is that they’re very quiet, and there is no danger of an explosion even if you cut through a power cable.

They’re also very easy to start, usually all you need to do is push a button. The downside to these, is that they’re slightly more expensive than gas powered ones.

The thing you’ll need to keep an eye on with these is the battery life. If the battery dies then you won’t be able to finish your yard, so you need to make sure that they’re always charged.

If the battery goes bad then you’ll need to replace it, but that should be covered under the warranty.

Battery powered lawnmowers are usually cordless, and they typically have a small cutting deck. They’re great for small yards or if you have an irregular shaped yard.

They also make them with wireless chargers that can go in your garage so you can just park the mower inside at night and it will always be ready to go the next morning.

The final type of lawnmower that we’re going to talk about is the solar powered ones. These are the most expensive type that you can buy, but they have a lot of great benefits to them.

The first thing you need to think about is where you’re going to store the mower during the winter when there is no sun.

If you’re going to put it in your garage, then that shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that it gets enough light through the windows for it to charge during the day.

If you’re going to leave it outside, then you need to think about whether or not it’s even going to get enough sunlight during the winter months when the days are shorter and the sun isn’t as high in the sky.

These mowers are generally quieter than their gas powered cousins, but they still make a mild buzzing sound that some people don’t care for. They also don’t have the recoil start system like the old gas ones, so some people just prefer them because of that.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what you need to know before buying a lawnmower, let’s take a look at some of the top models on the market today.

Toro – 20340 Elite Personal Pace Recycler Lawn Mower

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The first lawn mower on our list is the Toro 20340. This one is great for people who have small yards and not a whole lot of patience when it comes to mowing the grass. It has a small 160cc engine and electric start, so you won’t be spending all your time trying to get it started. It also has 7 cutting heights so you can set it to how high or low you want the grass to be.

It’s great for people who are a little on the lazy side when it comes to cutting the grass because you can set it at a high setting, and not have to worry about it for several weeks. This can save you time in the long run. It also has a convenient front tilt mechanism that allows you to easily raise and lower the deck. This makes getting under bushes and hard to reach areas very simple. The only thing you need to watch out for is the size of the gas tank. It’s pretty small so if you have a larger yard you’ll definitely be spending some extra time out there. This is not a mower for people who like to take shortcuts. The price is also very affordable considering all the features that it comes with.

GreenWorks 25142 G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

Next on our list is the GreenWorks 25142 G-MAX 40V. This one is great for people who want the power of a gas lawnmower, but don’t want all the hassle that goes with it. This one runs completely off of a battery, so there’s no need to worry about finding a place to store a gas can or mixing fuel. You also won’t have to worry about the mower conking out on you in the middle of mowing the grass.

The 40V battery gives you plenty of power for the entire yard. The only thing you need to watch out for is not running the battery all the way down before recharging it. This can actually damage the battery and reduce its overall charge capacity. Make sure you let it run until it dies before charging it back up. It’s also pretty lightweight so if you have a longer yard, this is definitely the mower for you. The only other minor issue is the price. It’s definitely on the higher side, but fortunately there’s a cheaper alternative that’s coming up.


This one is for all you lazy grass cutters out there.

Rather than pushing around a heavy mower and spending your entire afternoon cutting the grass, why not let the machine do all the hard work?

The Black and Decker lawn sweeper does just that. You simply set the height you want, put it in gear and go. As you mow your grass, tiny combs attached to a spinning broom at the front of the machine sweep the grass clippings into a large holding bag. The entire thing can be easily detached from the mower and emptied into your compost or garbage can. No longer do you have to worry about wasting your entire afternoon cutting the grass. This saves you tons of time and lets you get back to what you want to be doing. This mower also has a 72 inch wide path so you can finish mowing your lawn in record time. The only thing you really have to watch out for is the height adjustment lever. It can break pretty easily, but this is an easy fix with some duct tape. Just make sure you check it before each use.

Poulan Pro PR5022D Premier Series 22-Inch Push Lawn Mower

This is our cheapest and most basic mower on the list. There aren’t any fancy self-propelled features or electric start. It’s just a basic push mower. We’ve included it here because sometimes, that’s all you need.

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If you’re just doing a small yard uncomplicated shape then there’s no need to complicate things with electric start and rear wheel drive. This one has everything you need to get the job done. It’s easy to push, easy to start, easy to adjust and simple to use. You really can’t ask more out of a mower. The only major flaw with this one is the handle. It’s made from pretty cheap plastic that breaks very easily. This is an easy fix though, you can just swap it out with a piece of metal pipe if you don’t want to spring for a new one.

Toro Rapid Flo Coupe 20021 20-inch Express Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

This is a self-propelled mower, which as the name suggests, means it cuts the grass for you. This is really only recommended if you have a larger yard and are less able to push a mower around the yard. This type of mower will definitely make your yard work easier. They’re generally pretty expensive though so they’re really only recommended for people with larger yards.

These also typically come with a lot of extra features such as mulching and bagging attachments, and infinitely adjustable height settings. So once again, if you just need a simple push mower to cut the grass in a basic area then there’s no need to pay extra for these bells and whistles that you’re never going to use.

GreenWorks 25212 G-MAX 40V Twin Force Lawn Mower

This is an interesting one. It’s a cordless electric mower. It has obvious benefits such as not needing fuel and not producing exhaust. It only has a 16 inch cutting deck which might be smaller than some people need, but if that’s all you need then this is perfect for you.

With this mower you can mow your lawn anywhere within the range of the charger and a fully charged battery. You can trim or edge near fences or walls and not have to worry about finding an outlet to plug it in again. The only major downsides are that it’s expensive and it doesn’t have quite the power as a gas mower. It’s more for light duty mowing of smaller yards.

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