GreenWorks Blower Review 40V G-Max DigiPro

Green Works Blower Review 40V G-Max DigiPro Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum

The GreenWorks 40V G-Max DigiPro Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum is one of the most popular models among gardeners due to its high performance and low price tag. It’s also very easy to use and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is designed to work with standard garden hoses. You just need to connect it to your hose and plug it into a power source. There are no special tools required, which makes this model ideal for beginners or anyone who doesn’t have any experience using a leaf blower before.

This model has been designed especially for those who want a powerful blower at an affordable price. It’s powered by a single 110 VAC/60 Hz electric motor, which ensures that it will run quietly even when used indoors.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of having a cordless leaf blower without worrying about running out of juice. With the optional battery pack, you can extend the life of this model even further.


• High quality materials and construction make this leaf blower suitable for outdoor use.

• You can adjust the height of the nozzle so you can concentrate air flow in the direction you want it to go.

• You can clear large areas in no time with maximum power of up to 185 mph.


• This is a very versatile product that’s perfect for cleaning patios, sidewalks and driveways during the warmer months.

• It’s great for quickly clearing walkways after a storm before the snow or rain freezes or melts.

• You can use it to quickly clean off your deck or porch after a get-together with friends.

GreenWorks Blower Review 40V G-Max DigiPro from our website


• Some people feel that this model is not strong enough to pick up large quantities of leaves, sticks and other debris.

• The battery life is not as long as some people would like it to be. You may need to buy an additional battery if you have a lot of yard to clean.

GreenWorks 40V G-MAX DIGIPRO Lithium-Ion Cordless Lawn Edger

The Greenworks 40V G-MAX DIGIPRO lawn edger is another one of the most popular power tools in the Greenworks line-up. It’s very easy to use and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to give themselves a professional-looking edge on their lawn.

This model stands out from the competition due to its high torque. This is thanks to the 4.0Ah battery that powers it.

You can also use an extended runtime battery (5.0Ah) if you need more power or if you have a larger yard to edge.

This model has been designed with your comfort in mind. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can work for longer periods without experiencing hand or wrist pain.

The spindle lock can be adjusted so you can set the height to the exact specification that you need. You also get a wheel adjustment tool, which means you can change the height of the wheels to suit your needs.

This model comes with a charger and battery so it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives at your door.

GreenWorks Blower Review 40V G-Max DigiPro from our website


• This 40V lawn edger has a spindle lock, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the blade.

• It has an integrated power meter that tells you exactly how much runtime you have left.


• Thanks to its powerful motor, this model can easily cut through thick layers of grass and dirt.

• It’s very easy to set up because it doesn’t require any gas or oil.

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