Greenworks 60V Hedge Trimmer Review

Greenworks 60V Hedge Trimmer Review: What Is Green Works?

The name “green works” comes from the fact that they are environmentally friendly and they use eco-friendly materials. They are not just a company but rather a movement. Their goal is to create a better world through environmental awareness and sustainable development. Greenworks is a brand name for their products. They are based out of North Carolina USA.

They have been making tools since the early 1980s. Since then they have released several models of hedge trimmers, which include the 60V model, 40V model, 30V model and 20V model. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Greenworks 60V Hedge Trimmer Review: Pros And Cons Of Greenworks 60V Pole Hanging Electric Hedge Trimmer


It is easy to operate and maintain. You don’t need any special training or experience to operate it. It can handle heavy duty work with ease.

It comes with a 12-inch blade and a 6-inch cutting head. These blades are powerful enough to cut through thick branches without damaging them at all. The powerful and large battery can last up to 2 hours, cutting through all types of hedges. It is made with a high-quality plastic material that makes it durable and long lasting.


Some people are not fans of the plastic material used to make the body, claiming that it does not feel as premium. The line can be quite hard to start, however, this problem can be easily fixed with a quick adjustment.


The Greenworks 60V is a powerful cordless hedge trimmer that is easy to use and maintain. It has a long lasting battery and it comes with all the necessary attachments, including an adjustable telescoping pole which makes cutting overhead branches easy. While there are some design flaws, it is still one of the best cordless hedge trimmers available on the market.

It can cut through thick branches without complaint, making it a worthwhile investment.

Greenworks 60V Trimmer Review

Greenworks 60V Hedge Trimmer Review at

The Greenworks GHT260 cordless hedge trimmer is one of the best cordless hedge trimmers for the money. It is powerful and it comes with a 24-inch double-sided blade that will cut through even the hardest branches with ease. It is perfect for people with large yards and no access to power outlets.

However, you will need to buy 2 – 5.0Ah batteries to get the most out of this tool since a single full charge only lasts up to 1 hour.

Here is some more information about the Greenworks GHT260:


The GHT260 is designed with an adjustable telescopic pole that can extend from 2 feet to 7 feet. It has an easy to use trigger that allows you to cut through tough branches with ease. It also comes with a double sided 24-inch blade that allows you to cut from both sides, without having to turn the hedge trimmer around.


The Greenworks GHT260 is a powerful hedge trimmer. It is one of the few cordless hedge trimmers on the market that can deliver up to 5,000 RPM. The blades are also double-sided and they are only 1/8 inches thick.

With this combination, you can cut through branches up to 1/2 inches thick with ease.

However, due to its power, the GHT260 is quite heavy. It weighs a total of 9 pounds making it one of the heavier cordless hedge trimmers on the market. This might not seem like much, but after extended use, you will definitely feel the weight.

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Battery Life

The GHT260 only comes with 1 battery and a charger. Depending on how you use it, the 1 battery will only last up to 1 hour. While this might be enough for smaller yards, if you have a lot of hedges to trim, you will need another battery.

The good news is that Greenworks sells 2 – 5.0Ah batteries. With these batteries, you can trim for up to 4 hours before recharging.

Unfortunately, the batteries take between 6-8 hours to charge fully. This is quite a long time, but thankfully the GHT260 can be used as a corded hedge trimmer by simply plugging it in. This is a great feature that not all cordless hedge trimmers have.


The GHT260 is surprisingly comfortable to use. It might be heavy, but the weight is distributed evenly making it easy to control. The handle is quite large with soft over mold, so there will be no blisters even after extended use.

It also has a large trigger and on/off switch that are easy to access even when wearing gloves. However, the blades whir very close to the handle and if you are not careful, you could suffer a nasty cut.


The GHT260 is solidly built. The body is made from heavy duty plastic that can withstand quite a lot of abuse. The telescopic pole is also made from sturdy metal and it has easy to use lock and adjustment buttons.

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The 24-inch double-sided blades are also well designed and they can easily cut through thick branches.

Another great feature of the GHT260 is that it can be used as a corded hedge trimmer. It comes with a heavy duty 8-foot cord that can easily be plugged into an extension cord. This allows you to work continuously without having to wait for the battery life to recharge.


The GHT260 takes up quite a lot of space. When fully extended, it measures 77 inches long.

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