Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review

Green Works 60V Blower Review: Pros & Cons


1) Easy to use;

2) Low noise;

3) Portable; and most importantly; it’s low cost.


1) Battery life may not last long enough for heavy duty work (like gardening); and if you don’t have much time, then you will need to charge your battery every once in awhile.

2) If you are using it outdoors, then you might get a little bit of dust or dirt in your lungs.

So keep that in mind when you’re out there!

3) You will need to clean the inside of the bag after each use.

That means taking off all the plastic pieces and cleaning them thoroughly with bleach solution before putting back on the bag. Then put some duct tape around everything so they won’t fall off during transportation!

4) It does not come with a charger.

So you’ll need to buy one separately.

5) It doesn’t come with any instructions.

Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review from our website

So you’ll need to read through them yourself, which could take quite sometime…and be very frustrating at times!

6) It doesn’t have as much air power as those big & bulky gas-operated leaf blowers.

So don’t expect it to blow away all of the leaves and debris in one go.

The bottom line is that this thing works well for small jobs around the house. It’s quiet and will not trouble your neighbors when you’re cleaning up leaves or light debris from your front yard or driveway.

It’s ease of use makes it a great tool for those who suffer from back problems. Also, the low cost of this thing is a definite plus!

However, if you need something more powerful and heavier duty, then you might want to consider other 60V leaf blowers or go with a gas-operated one instead. In addition, you can’t expect it to be as clean as well.

There will be dust and dirt inside of the bag, and the air coming out isn’t quite “clean” as well (depending on your area, of course).

Other than that, I highly recommend this product!

Greenworks 60v Blower Review: Video

Here’s a short video of the leaf blower in action (excuse my dad for going a bit fast in the video. He gets excited when using this thing!


Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review from our website

Greenworks Blower

You’ll find the Greenworks Blower at Amazon here.

You’ll find the Greenworks Backpack Blower at Amazon here.

Greenworks 60v Blower Overview

This is a great leaf blower that doesn’t burn too much gas. It’s also light weight and easily manageable.

If you’ve got a small yard and not much leaves to blow, then this will do the job just fine. It works well for blowing out the garage or driveway after you have swept them. It’s definitely more powerful than a broom.

However, if you’ve got a lot of leaves to blow, then this product alone might not be enough for the job. You’ll have to buy extra batteries or get a second unit.

In addition, you’ll have to do constant re-charging after each use. That’s one of the cons with battery operated tools. But I think for the money, it’s worth it!

Don’t expect the motor to last you a lifetime either. But it should last you many years as long as you take care of the unit.

Greenworks offers a 2 year warranty on this product, so if anything goes wrong with it during that time, you can get it replaced or repaired for free.

Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review - Picture

This tool has been great so far! We have a large yard and it works really well at keeping the driveway and walkway clear of leaves.

I just do a little at a time and it takes hardly any time at all to get the job done. It’s also great on those already dead leaves that have fallen off the trees. I used to make more work for myself by raking them, but this tool makes quick work of it.

This is a great tool and well worth the money. Be sure to pick up extra batteries and a charger though so that you are always prepared to use it.

It does a great job and I highly recommend it!

You can get this leaf blower at the link below:

Greenworks Blower

This Greenworks leaf blower is perfect for small yards and moderate jobs. It’s also very quiet compared to gas-operated leaf blowers, so your neighbors won’t mind if you use it!

You can get this Greenworks Blower at Amazon here.

Greenworks Backpack Blower

This leaf blower is perfect for medium to large yards and for those who have a lot of leaves to blow. It’s also pretty powerful and comes with a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying and handling.

You can get this Greenworks Backpack Blower at Amazon here.

Other Greenworks Products

Greenworks 60V Blower BL60L2510 Review |

In addition to the leaf blowers, Greenworks has many other products that you can power with your 60V batteries. They also offer a wide range of 40V and 60V batteries, so you can mix and match to get the specific power source that you desire.

You can see all of Greenworks’ 60V battery-powered products here.

Alternatively, you can browse through all of their products here.

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