Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall Cutting Tool

Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall Cutter

The Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall Cutter is a very popular product among home improvement professionals. The Goldblatt® brand has been around since 1883 and they are known for their quality products at affordable prices.

They have always maintained high standards when it comes to manufacturing their tools and equipment. The company was founded by Charles F. Goldblatt, who had previously owned the New York City dry goods store “Friedrich’s.” He decided to expand into the residential market with his new business venture.

In 1907, Goldblatt opened up shop in Brooklyn, NY and quickly became successful due to his superior products and excellent customer service. Over time, Goldblatt expanded its reach throughout the United States.

By 1928, Goldblatt had become one of the largest drywall contractors in America. Their success led them to purchase other companies such as Sargent & Son Co. and J.C. Penney Company. During World War II, Goldblatt continued to grow and acquired other companies including the famous American furniture manufacturer Montgomery Ward. After the war, Goldblatt began expanding again, acquiring additional businesses such as the famed American candy maker Hershey’s Corporation and the iconic department store chain Macy’s Inc..

Over time, the company changed its strategy, focusing primarily on manufacturing rather than retail. They stopped selling most of their famous brands (such as Montgomery Ward and J.C.

Penney) to concentrate on building their Goldblatt Tools business. By the 90s, Goldblatt Tools was a publically traded company that owned more than 200 different businesses under its umbrella. While they had success, their new direction led them into some trouble and ultimately bankruptcy in the early 2000s.

After restructuring, the brand reemerged as a private business run by the founding Goldblatt family. While they stopped producing some of their less profitable products, they continued manufacturing their popular tools.

Today, Goldblatt Tools is once again a thriving business. They are known for their extensive line of construction and carpentry tools and are a leading brand among builders, woodworkers, and handymen.

The Goldblatt Blade Runner Drywall cutter is a great tool for cutting, scraping, smoothing, and nailing. It is made from durable cast iron and features an extended handle for extra leverage.

The wide head provides greater width which allows you to cover a large surface area with each swing.

The Blade Runner is popular for drywall installation because it can easily cut and scrape paper, mesh, and lathe. However, the tool is also great for a variety of other jobs.

It can be used for tearing down and scraping dried wallpaper, vinyl, and linoleum floors. It can also be used to scrape paint, old floor tile, or linoleum from walls.

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The Blade Runner can be used with a pry bar for greater leverage when removing stubborn nails or tacks. The flat head can be used for driving nails when combined with a block of wood.

The tool is an excellent choice for remodeling or restoration projects.

This durable tool will last for years with proper maintenance. The cutting edge of the Blade Runner can be sharpened when necessary.

Storing this heavy duty tool is easy. It can be hung on a nail or hook or placed in a toolbox.

Manufactured by Goldblatt Tools, the Blade Runner drywall cutter features a durable cast-iron build. The tool includes a 28″ long wood handle and a wide 2 3/4″ cutting head.

The flat head can be used for scraping, tearing, or driving.

The Blade Runner is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Please Note: Nails are not included.

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